Mecha Character Profile: Kamille Bidan – Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta

Hot-headed protagonists can sometimes find problems for their friends and enemies but in a realistic war anime like Gundam, it is always interesting to see someone with such an attitude getting through all the traumatizing events as their tests – Kamille Bidan was there to show how it was.

I. Background:
– Kamile Bidan is the young main protagonist of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. Born in the Universal Century U.C. 0069 on Earth in Tokyo, Japan then grew up at the space colony Gryps as his father worked for Earth’s Federation’s Titans Elite Unit. His childhood was sometimes bullied because of his feminine name and also problems between his parents, he spent his time doing martial arts and mobile suit creation, his closest friend — Fa Yuiry always cared to better him despite his annoyance.  

– As Kamille grew up, he never liked the Titans for their act of discrimination. One day he had fight with a Titans officer — Jerid Messa for insulting his name then got detained in jail but after that a group of Anti-Earth Union Group — AEUG – raided the Gryps to steal the brand new Gundam Mk.II and Kamille used that chaos to his advantages to stole the Gundam and helped the AEUG which he also joined them to fight the Titans in the process. He even fought alongside Quattro Bajeena – Char Aznable’s flashy disguise during this time and the old-timer Amuro Ray.     

– Kamille witnessed the deaths of his parents – after they were taken hostage by the Titans to retrieve the Gundam Mk-II. Despite having a rocky relationship with his father, Kamille still mourned his death. Kamille also tried to save his mother, but she was caught in the crossfire between Kamille and the Titans.

– Kamille quickly became a top ace pilot among the AEUG riding his Gundam Mk.II, the deaths of his friends and family frustrated him which affected his actions during combat, personalizing his actions rather than following the orders sometimes. He then later stole the cutting edge Zeta Gundam as his second mobile suit then met a mysterious girl who he called Four Murasame which was from the Titans’s Flanagan’s Research Institute, she is a Cyber-Newtype and also the pilot of the gigantic Psycho Gundam. Four and Kamille were affectionate with each other which changed his life forever after her death at the hands of Jerrid, He became more mature and did not fight by his hatred anymore.

– During his last battle at the Gryps, he faced Paptimus Scirocco – an extremely powerful Newtype who came back from Jupiter to help Titans, both fought until Kamille won with the help from the spirits of his dead friends but Scirocco’s mind power also damaged Kamille, leaving him in a blank state of delusional psychotic.        

II. Skills & Abilities:
– Kamille is a nice guy but also a hot headed child — which is understandable since he always hated his feminine name and people who insulted him about it so he tried to develop his manhood by doing martial arts and amateur mobile suit creation, making him had quite a knowledge on mobile suits and how to fight people. 

– Although a fighting type, he is no soldier. His emotions and actions often go along together without thinking, he is quite abusive towards the people he hates. Quatro Bajeena or Char Aznable in disguise to be precise helped shape his attitudes and personality for the better even though he is deeply fragile inside, forcing to see deaths of his friends and family made him question the reason of the war.    

– Kamille is also a very powerful Newtype – if not, the strongest known in the Universal Century but his power is deeply hidden. Driven by his emotions that awakened his powers mainly from his dead friends who telepathically and spiritually communicated with him which activated Zeta Gundam’s Bio-Sensor system enhancing its abilities.

–  Because of his Newtype status along with his piloting skills, he is a very capable pilot. He is also a quick learner knowing how to ride Gundam Mk.II at first then the Zeta Gundam, gaining the status of ace among AEUG at a young age already proved his ability in combat such as his early fights and handling a gigantic cutting edge Psycho Gundam in Hong Kong then dealing with Titans aces like Jerid Messa, Yazan Gable and Paptimus Scirocco.       

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