Mecha Profile: MS Gundam Zeta – PMX-003 The O

Big chunky mechs are intimidating to see. Their large-looking designs always made us wonder how it works or why it logically has to be made that way especially in a realistic war anime like Gundam, The O may perhaps answer those questions about itself.

I. History:

  – PMX-003 The O was made by a single evil genius named Paptimus Scirocco — a very influential person from Earth Federation’s Jupiter Energy Fleet. The O is a large cutting edge mobile suit that was designed as Scirocco’s personal and most powerful one among his creations. It was made to be piloted by Scirocco alone with its interface tuned only for his Newtype power.  

– The O entered its first combat in the last days of Grpys War in the early U.C. 0089 when the Titans — Earth Federation’s elite unit was negotiating with the Axis Zeon — the former Principality of Zeon in a Gwadan flagship. The O fought Haman Karn’s AMX-004 Qubeley of Axis Zeon along with the help from Scirocco’s influenced women such as Sarah Zabiarov’s PMX-002 Palace Athene and Reccoa Londe’s PMX-001 Bolinoak Sammahn. After that The O fought Kamille Bidan’s Zeta Gundam which was one of its greatest foe, despite its strong armor and high mobility with great Newtype powers and skills, The O was penetrated in the cockpit by Zeta Gundam’s tip in Waverider mode while Kamille was angered and supported by the spirits of his death comrades and love interest which both killing Scirocco inside and destroyed The O along with Scirocco’s Jupitris flagship in the process with at least Scirocco was able to crippled Kamille by his Newtype mind power before The O exploded at Jupitris. 

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– PMX-003 The O was made by Paptimus Scirocco himself. Even though the mobile suit looked very bulky and large compared to others, The O’s mobility is actually outstanding despite its size thanks to its warship-sized thermonuclear reactor fitted inside with an output of less than 2,000 Kilowatts including its multiple thrusters and propellants for longer operation time with high degree of freedom movement because of its complex designs around the joints and certain parts making it highly maneuverable for its heavy and large frame. 

– The O is also made exclusively for Scirocco himself alone. The interface system is tuned only for his strong Newtype abilities making nobody able to pilot this large mobile suit. Its armor is very thick which is also made from Gundarium Alloy that can withstand direct attacks from beam weapons.   

– With high maneuvers and a good protection, The O rather engage targets in middle to close range instead because of its limited weapon options. The O only has a single ranged weapon which is its customized beam rifle that no other mobile suits can use with the power of 2.6 Megawatts comparable to a Mega Launcher, powered by an E-pac under its grip. The O also has as much as four beam swords as its main close range weapon under its skirts which differs from regular beam saber. Using a unique feature of The O, it can wield all four beam swords at once by using its three-finger, two sub arms located in front of the skirt.    

– Since The O is tuned and made exclusively for Scirocco’s Newtype use, it also has a Bio-sensor system to accommodate Scirocco for easier piloting with mental commands. Although its true power is unknown because it only showed its potential when the pilot is driven by emotions that would amplify powers to the mobile suit for a short amount of time. The O was destroyed before the power could be fully shown in the series.

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