Megaton Musashi SS2 EP 3: For All Mankind

Everything is gradually getting linked together, the identity of Kuze and Shizuka, Victor’s target and the appearance of Dractor’s Queen on Ixia, the characters are slowly taking their place on this stage. However, this episode still have some issues that has not been properly resolved.

First, about Kuze, this ep is literally about him and to be honest if this character development is wasted like this then surely OLM will limit any remaining problems of Musashi in next 9-10 episodes. Through this ep, we know that Kuze and Shizuka are Solon people and sent by David to help the people there. That explains why Kuze can drive Musashi so well and has such great physique. This character really has potential until the problem in this episode is solved in a way that can’t be more super robot plot device. I mean, he has good combat skills, can enter the command room with a big gun and threaten the commander while the whole room is defenceless. Kuze’s plan is pretty good until Teru and Reiji who were in trap mode approached and defeated him in an unexpected way. I was hoping the script would go in another direction, that he escapes and there would be a tension bargain between Ixia and Solon. Or he will be sent to jail the same way Dearka was in the Gundam Seed and wait for the opportunity to do the right thing. That script may make the chemical between him and captain Margaret look more natural.

On the other side, we get to see Teru and Reiji trap which is definitely a fan service and thanks to Nofunloli Fansub because without them we wouldn’t know that Teru trap at maid cafe is a mini event in the Musashi game. The funny thing is that teru is accustomed to pretending to be a woman but wasn’t ready to accept his baby until the end of this episode. The debut of Fire Loader is also pretty good, the machine uses the aesthetic of a monster truck color making it look hot and energetic. However, it its looks are quite contrary to Kuze’s personality, whose first impression is mysteriously arrogant and hiding his emotions.

This episode overall is really not a good episode, but because of the content limit of 12 episodes, this is understandable. The synchronism of Yamato and Kuze in combat is really amazing, it’s really a resonance of the fighting instincts between ace warriors. Even more, Yamato still hasn’t lost his “edge”, fighting with creative and unorthodox ways, which surprises even Kuze. Kuze might be a Teru 2.0 in the future, not only piloting the Rogues but also “piloting” the commander iykwim lol. Queen Crouzade has recovered and is hiding in Ixia, perhaps in the next episode it is a change in her thinking about earthlings and join Arshem’s side like in the opening.   

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