Episode Review: Gundam: Witch from Mercury ep 4 – Enter the Chuchu

The savage Chihuahua is loose!
Episode 4, rather than advancing the main plot, focus a bit more on the world-building, to be precise, what is happening around Suletta. Be it the school, or the things that were happening on Earth. It’s basically a chance for us to catch our breath with all the dueling that was going on lately. On the other hand, it’s nice to know what maade Suletta wanted to go to school in the first place. And oh boy, I did not know punch ASMR exist.

So, did Guel honestly ask Suletta to marry him? Yes. Did Suletta accept it? Hell-freaking-no. Did Guel regret it? A lot! But then, did he really mean to do it in the first place? Probably not, considering the guy is the hot-blooded type, and also he seemed to know that he kinda fucked up right after he said it. He probably wanted to ask her to be his friend or some sort, but somehow turned into a proposal, which was not his initial thought, probably. Overall, that makes Guel an interesting character. He is prideful, so even if he had a slightest feelings for Suletta, it would be a long time for him to recover after that straight up rejected from her. I do want to see how he would grow as a tsundere character.

Aside from Guel, this episode focus a little bit more on the world building than the previous episode. From the piloting mobile suit test, to the context of the Mobile heavy manual for Mobile Suit and Mobile Craft (hopefully I remember the name right) which can be read easily on screen, and of course, the media coverage about the rally of the Earthians, and all of it made the world in G-Witch very “for Spacian”, or should I say “those with power and money on top of the food chain”. This helps us keep in touch while we still in the school setting, and probably prepare for things yet to come. 

Speaking of which, we got introduced to some new faces from the Earth House. They are quite likable, and I think I would not mind to learn about them more. But learning about them mean there is a high chance that when Spacian and Earthian relationship turn into full scale war, we will see at least one of those characters dead. Hopefully, that is just my paranoia. 

On the other hand, we learn a bit more about Suletta. It was a nice change for a Gundam character to have a goal that he/she wants to do than not knowing what he/she to do for that character future. A simple, but heavy dream, to be able to re-establish a school, so that more young people could come to her birthplace. She said that this is her dream, her goal, but with letters, lucky charms, and the expectation of the Mercurians, it’s no longer only her dream anymore. To see her cry out for the first time, would be a bitter sweet moment in the anime. One character had the same “carried other people expectation” just like Suletta, Chuchu. 

That little girl is like Guel but smaller, cuter, and rather relies on her own fists to solve problems than to challenge duels to settle things like Guel. And man, her punch is satisfying to hear. Especially satisfying when you see it firsthand. It also act as a “release” moment for Suletta’s failure. As her saboteurs getting their just dessert. Seeing Suletta’s bawling her eyes out really touch our hearts, the cute tanuki who is invincible in the Aerial reduced to a crying wreck is something we didn’t expect. However, nobody’s perfect, and the writer decided this is the first challenge she needed to overcome – a simple test. Even so, Chuchu decking the b*tches that did it shows that she has a very strong sense of justice, aside from the raging Spacian hate.

Next episode: Elan’s episode? Pharact debut?

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