Shinkalion Change the World Ep.4 Review: True Feeling

Continuing what was left unfinished at the end of episode 3, Kuzuryu now faces his emotions, revealing them with E7 Kagayaki’s debut. Kuzuryu’s past was told as well as the reason he tried so hard to become a Shinkalion driver.

Kuzuryu is someone who tries his best when no one is paying attention and doesn’t let anyone know what he wants, especially when he tries to practice with the horizontal bar or do push-ups before club activities. Gradually he lied to himself and hid his true feelings. However, luckily he still has Mai by his side to remind him that he is just a normal person like everyone else. With the emotions of fear in front of difficult things, jealousy when others can do it, and frustration when he himself cannot do anything. Getting over these emotions is very difficult even to some adults who are also struggling to get over it.
To overcome these feelings, Kuzuryu must first be honest with himself. And I must say that this episode is one that I highly appreciate, it shows a usual problem about normal people’s emotions and also offers a solution to that problem. As for Kuzuryu, he was scared and discouraged, he made an effort but jumped at the wrong answer but then all he had to do was face his fear. As his grandfather told him as a child, courage is not the most important part, but daring to face fear by himself. Grandpa’s advice made me feel like a message often conveyed in the Brave series. Just the small act of facing your fear can turn a frustrated person like Kuzuryu into someone greater. To be brave we must face our fears and perhaps this advice is what someone in this world needs right now.

Next is the fighting part. As I said earlier, Kuzuryu grandpa’s advice gave me a very Brave series vibe and now E7 Kagayaki’s debut with the drilling equipment; this episode makes me feel the enthusiasm of otoko romance in old mecha works or TTGL (yep, the drill is cool to the boys). E7’s weapon is also related to Kuzuryu because his grandfather used to be a tunnel digger and it is equipped with up to 4 drills on 2 hands and 2 knees, making close combat tactics more diverse.

I also consider the E7 equip drill scene and ultimate move scene to be cooler and more colourful than the E5’s. Especially in the ultimate move scene, 1 drill pierces the ground, 1 drill raises into the sky, and 2 drills lock the target to perform the ultimate move (very tokusatsu). However, I think the design of the chest armour is not very nice. I understand that the concept of the E7 drill form is related to tunnel diggers because they must have drills and lights, but if I had to choose, I would install the light on the stomach to keep the E7 chest still the Shinkansen locomotive. It will look better.

Overall, Kuzuryu can now pilot the Shinkalion and fight with Taisei, this episode we also learn more about Akane’s problem, he is the shadow of his older brother – an athlete. So, the Shinkalion Driver’s problems are all hinted at in the movie’s opening, and in the next episode, we will probably know what Akane’s story is. In this episode, we also learn about trains, such as Mr Wake Up or a special plane. I’m sure it can carry ERDA vehicles up to a maximum of 4.
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