Mecha Character Profile: Amuro Ray – Mobile Suit Gundam

Not all mecha anime have an exciting and bright start. In a war-torn world where hope lies in the hands of the younglings that have to take responsibility for the war fought by powerful people with restless ideology, a man named Amuro Ray is one of the young victims that somehow turned the tide of war.  

I. Background:
– Amuro Ray was born on November 4th U.C. 0063 by his father – Tem Ray and his mother – Kamaria Ray. When he was young he traveled to space when father brought him to work, often leaving his mother on Earth. He then grew up in Colony Side 7 – the same place his father worked on a top secret weapon program under Project V. At the age of 16 years old Amuro and his friend – Fraw Bow caught in the middle of Zeon’s attack at Side 7 so they evacuated but Amuro went out of the bomb shelter to find his father and found Gundam lying so he took the Gundam to fight off the two Zaku mobile suits. Afterwards he joined the White Base Assault Carrier crew of Earth Federation Space Force mainly piloting Gundam under Captain Bright Noa’s command taking part in a series of conflicts during One Year War and even afterwards as well.  

– Amuro is a tech nerd, he spends most of his time fixing electronics and building stuff like comfort pet robots – Haro. He also has a childhood friend during his life in Side 7 such as Fraw Bow –  a woman that shows deep care for him even though they are not dating. However after Amuro joined the crew he began to develop mental stress due to the horrors of the war so he had to go through a lot of development to overcome such problems with the help of Captain Bright and his friends. After the war ended Amuro also participated in many conflicts later on as well.  

– Amuro is also found to be a Newtype, a new generation of humanity with telepathic abilities, enhancing his senses in surroundings and able to feel the feelings of people around him including the dead making it difficult for him to control his feelings during each fight when he discovered his abilities but later he’s able to control them and they helped Amuro fought effectively. Amuro’s arc nemesis – Char Aznable is also a Newtype but with more combat experiences and different ideology, both of them fought 

– During the Gryps War in U.C. 0087, Amuro joined the fight for the Anti-Earth Union Group or AEUG against the ferocious Titans in secret after being jailed inside the government house because of trust issues with the Newtype people. He also participated in two Neo Zeon wars, gaining his reputation among the Zeon but however in the Second Neo Zeon War when Amuro joined the special Londo Bell Unit of Earth Federation Space Force, he fought Char once more and sacrificed his life riding his cutting-edge Nu Gundam pushing the falling of large Axis asteroid base away from Earth.

II. Skills & Abilities:
– Amuro is very good with electronics, his interests probably came from going to work with his father during childhood. He may have acted like a child at first during One Year War but as war showed its horror, Amuro learned to adapt and improve his mindset suitable for war but not leaving his humanity behind with the help of his friends. Later he grew into quite a leader that is willing to sacrifice for the better. 

– When it comes to fighting, Amuro is a very formidable Gundam pilot. Although it started rough at first, Amuro learned to develop himself to fight in each situation very quickly with some help from his crewmate and mental development along the way. His fighting skills gained reputation among the Zeon and even admired by Char Aznable later on as well.       

– With the Newtype telepathic abilities, Amuro can also communicate telepathically with other Newtype people such as Char Aznable or Lalah Sue – Char’s companion interest as well. He can also sense his surroundings more sensitive than regular humans, emotions and feelings of the living and the dead, this made it very complicate for him at first but as he learned to control his power, it helped him fight very effectively.   

– Not only did he create a robot pet like Haro but when he gets used to military and mobile suit technologies he is also able to upgrade, customize or even rebuild his mobile suits as well. He did not just pilot only Gundam but many other mobile suits too such as Rick Dijeh, Rick Dias, Nu Gundam and much more.  

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