Kit review: HGCE 1/144 Immortal Justice Gundam

With previous operational data from the ZGMF-X19A Infinite Justice Gundam, the Immortal Justice Gundam was designed to incorporate convertible technology acquired by Orb through the MVF-M11C Murasame. It shares a frame with the STTS-909 Rising Freedom Gundam and contains the same panoramic monitor cockpit and OS. 
Although the Justice unit has often been referred to by Athrun Zala’s name for 20 years, this Immortal Justice belongs to Shinn Asuka. This was a big surprise for us.

– Info: 
HGCE 1/144 Immortal Justice Gundam 
Series: Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Freedom 
Price: 2640 yen 
Release date: Jan 28, 2024

– Design: Immortal Justice’s design differs greatly from the original Justice and Infinite Justice. Firstly, in terms of colour tone, Immortal Justice has a main red colour tone that is more similar to Athrun’s Savior Gundam (Gundam Seed Destiny) than the colour of the previous two Justice units. Its exterior still has Justice’s recognisable features: the long white sensor part on top of its head, shoulder armour, and leg armour. In particular, even though Immortal’s leg armour is equipped with Beam Cutting Legs like Infinite Justice, the design has been changed to resemble the original Justice, which is a big plus.
In addition, the backpack is the most different part from the previous two Justice units. Instead of being equipped with a detachable backpack that acts as a support unit, Immortal’s backpack is a large pair of wings, and the front of the aircraft supports the transformation into MA Mode.

– Build quality: The plastic quality of this kit is very good, and the nubs are easy to handle. However, some gate positions (especially in the wing parts)  need a heavy work, so you need to be careful when handling them. Due to inheriting part separation technology from HG TWFM series such as HGCE Rising Freedom, Immortal Justice has very good part separation and only has to use a few decals because it does not have too many line details like Rising Freedom. Therefore, you can only use them partially (the sample illustrated in this review only uses eye decals).

– Articulation: Like HGCE Rising Freedom, Immortal Justice also uses a new joint system to increase the range of motion of this new HGCE line called “SEED Action System”. To visualise, this matching system will be quite similar to HGCE Destiny and HGCE Infinite Justice but more complete: 

– The neck joint can be pushed deeper so it no longer gets entangled with the body.

– The shoulder joint uses a double joint system to help increase the shoulder’s range of motion, especially moving forward (like Destiny and Infinite Justice).

– The torso joint uses a new joint system with 2 inner core parts to help it fold deeper in all 4 directions.

– The hip joint has also been changed with 2 parts that can be pushed up and down at any time to help increase leg amplitude without getting caught by the surrounding armour parts. In particular, it helps pose Beam Cutting Legs better (a mechanism similar to HGCE Infinite Justice)

– Unlike Rising Freedom, which is equipped with Beam-Cutting Legs, Immortal Justice’s ankle joints do not use C-clip joints. Instead, they have 2 parts that use a round latch mechanism to help stabilise the ankle when using Beam-Cutting Legs and move the foot to the sides to increase contact when standing.

– Gimmicks: Immortal Justice Gundam doesn’t have as many gimmicks as Rising Freedom. The wing can move freely with double joints. Similar to Rising Freedom, Immortal Justice has a transformation mechanism into MA Mode. When transformed, it will only fold the aircraft’s head above its head, extend the two rear thrusters, and attach the shield with the gun below. The difference is that Immortal Justice’s Wing is pushed upward and spread out instead of being folded in like Rising Freedom. The two thrusters on the wings can also rotate in a straight direction with the length of the fuselage. Immortal Justice also does not have 4 small wings like Rising Freedom.

Accessories: Immortal Justice’s equipment is mainly melee weapons:

+ X1 High Energy Beam Rifle: A beam rifle commonly is used by many MS in the SEED series. The difference is that the gun’s head is a large block instead of a long gun head.

+ X1 Flash Edge 4 Shield Boomerang: This shield integrates many functions like Infinite Justice’s shield. It can be used as a shield mounted on the left hand like the original Justice or as a large boomerang. When in Boomerang form, it can open the two wings on both sides of the shield and attach a beam effect (There is no beam effect on the wings like Rising Freedom). Its usage is similar to Infinite Justice’s Fatum-01 backpack.

+ X2 Wieselnagel Beam Boomerang: 2 boomerangs are mounted on both sides of Immortal Justice’s hip armor. It can be used as two beam sabers similar to Sword Impulse’s “Flash Edge” Beam Boomerang or Infinite Justice’s “Shining Edge” Beam Boomerang.

+ X2 Calcitra Heavy Beam Cutting Leg: 2 curved beam blades are mounted on the leg armour, similar to Infinite Justice. Because it was developed from Infinite Justice, Immortal Justice also inherited this exclusive equipment.

+ X2 High Energy Beam Cannon: 2 cannons are mounted on the back of the backpack. It is usually only used when in MA Mode. When used, the gun head will be pushed up.

In addition, we will have a part to support using the base in the form of MA Mode and Boomerang Shield like Rising Freedom. However, Bandai does not give you an open hand; you can use Rising Freedom instead (Bandai, you meanie ~( TロT)σ).
–> Overall: HGCE Immortal Justice is also a pretty good kit compared to HGCE Rising Freedom. Although there aren’t as many interesting gimmicks as the previous two Justice units, this guy’s design and articulations are still big plus points. Especially because its pilot is Shinn Asuka, it is also reminded of Impulse Gundam. Although the price is a bit high compared to the average price of HG models, this will still be a worthy kit for you to experience and add to your Gunpla collection.