Kit Review: Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Z Original

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After a few hit and misses, Tsubaraya finally produced a good hit Ultraman series: Ultraman Z. the series is quite short with only 25 episodes, But Z is one of the few Reiwa Ultras That really left an impression on the audience with both of its ultra and the host. Ultraman Z and Haruki is a duo With great synergy, Both are martial artists, Are quite young and eager to help others. of course after making figure Rise standard of the ultraman suit, Bandai started making normal ultras as well, starting With the new generation TIGA – Ultramand Trigger – and eventually we have Z himself.

– Info: 
Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Z Original
Series: Ultraman Z
Price: 4070 yen 
Release date: Oct 28, 2023

– Design: Z is a blue Ultraman in his original form, with red, silver and black highlights and a very prominent Z-shaped color timer in the middle of his chest. His design is simple, wait only armor on his chest and on his shoulders. he also had a headcrest similar to a slugger, Which is one of his mentor – Ultraman Zero’s – weapons. The model kit design is relatively balanced, but his feet and hands are a little small, which kinda Throw off his posing a little bit.

– Build quality: Figure I standards have always been good, Especially for Ultraman and Kamen Rider kids. For Ultraman Kits, there are a lot of color separation especially for the new generation heroes, like Z. The construction of those parts are intricate but also solid and the engineering makes a lot of sense. Bandai has always excelled at creating efficient and complicated parts. which said there is almost no stickers involved in building the main body, Except for the silver sticker in the eye To give it some reflection. The kid also include the Beliarok, Which is also color separated Which is very nice.

For Z’s color timer, you can choose between a blue one to signify that he’s still healthy, or a pinkish one that signifies he has taken major damage.

– Articulation: Since he is a martial artist, bondi puts some heavy emphasis on his articulation. thanks to his simplistic design, the shoulder armor and the chest armor are not connected, Allow for his shoulders and arms to move freely. the torso has a quite limited range of movement but it’s still enough to give him a decent ab-crunch. Compared to even the Ultraman suit action version, Z still has much more articulation on his upper body. his shoulders can move in and out like a butterfly joint To recreate the Zestium Kousen.

His hip join his also very good, with the ability to move the joints up and down to extend some articulation. However the Kenny doesn’t have as much articulation as we would have wanted. but in exchange his feet pivot is really good, allowing him to balance on the ground without any supporting base. you can even pull off some crazy moves from karate Or just like Blazar. The various hand options also help with recreating dynamic poses from the series.

– Accessories & Gimmicks: In terms of accessories, z comes with Almost everything that he has in the series.
x 1 Zestium Kousen effect parts
x 1 Beliarok
x 1 FRS base
x 11 hand parts

For the hand parts, Bunda actually include two Index pointing hand To simulate his pointing pose In the Web series where Z and zero trash talk. It makes sense because they also made an frs Ultraman Zero, and it’s for a good fun. we also have the chopping hands to recreate karate chops or the Zestium Kousen. We also have two different open hand parts to recreate dynamic action poses or his Ultra rise pose where he asked Haruki to chant his name. The Beliarok is a little bit short but it’s all right.

–> Overall: The figure right standard ultraman Z Is a faithful representation of the character in the Toku series. the hands and the feet are a bit off, but the overall look is still fine. furthermore the kit is quite affordable and the zestium effect part is very very well done. we are not sure if they are planning to release other forms but if they make Gamma Future, It will be an instant buy from me.