Megaton Musashi SS2 EP 4: Double Musashi Attack

So finally, Ixia came to Solon to help everyone here to get out of their current predicament. The highlight of this episode is not in the plot but the battle scene of the 2 Musashi is very dope. Continues to explore Arshem’s character and tells audiences more about Solon’s current situation also this episode also has a reference from another famous old man. Let’s go through each part.

“Because we live in the face of death, we can feel the value of surviving”. This quote of Victor really touched me. Perhaps when facing the most difficult and dangerous situations, people really appreciate the values ​​of life from the small things around them. Through this episode, I truly admire the spirit of the Solon people who didn’t give up. They are self-sufficient, even has their own air purification system. Victor has really led everyone and carried everything so well until now. In the deepest depth of hell is where human spirit shine the brightest.

Seeing Yamato and Arshem missing each other by a hair’s breadth really really drive me crazy. The intense dramatic “almost reunited” is probably the most dramatic moment this season. Let’s see if they can get together for a minute in the next ep but I doubt it…

Setting aside the fact that Reiji can’t launch because Arthur hasn’t been adjusted, in this episode the issue of Maximus’s pair of pilots remains unresolved. Funnily you can attribute both of them as “daddy issue” (well just a bit for Jun).I personally think that instead of using the movie time for Victor talking to the queen, Milysis and Yugra’s dialogue or the cockpit scenes, it would be better to spend more time dealing with the problems of the Maximus pilots one by one, but maybe the director plan to use 1 episode to solve both of their problems quickly and then debut Maximus’s new form, it might be possible.

About the fight scene in this episode, I’m really satisfied. A combination of Musashi and Musashi-O, Gaudia Gunnered’s reference to Getter-3. The epic battle scene, the Yamato-style Megaton Dash X Break and the combination with Victor’s Musashi-O is really explosive. The BGMs have rock and EDM and also has really good drum beat but it’s almost impossible to find on Youtube if you wanna hear it again. Although seeing Ixia’s force steamroll through the Dractors so hard is a bit repetitive. Even though Yamato’s creativity always surprise us and every combos are super badass. It would be more exciting if the evil Midorikawa send some competent dudes.

Overall, the fight scenes are the highlight of this ep. A bit sad because the character Kuze turned 180 and became the simp for Magaret “-san” but it probably makes the color of this series less heavy. Princess Arshem this episode has to face the malevolence against her race although not directly but it will somewhat strengthen her resolve and the trailer for the next episode looks like Arshem will get more spotlight on the screen. And last but not least, man Bandai should do something with this toyline please. Musashi is cool, but Code: double Musashi is cooler, they deserve more attention.   

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