Kit Review: Shokugan Modeling Project – Gao Knight [Fuwa Kotatsu]

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Everything is 3 times more badass when they go from green to red. That also applies to GaoGorilla – the “muscle” unit of Gaoranger’s Power Animal. In the movie “The Fire Mountain Roars”, a red repaint version of GaoGorilla – GaoKong – appeared to replace GaoLion in the GaoKing formation to form GaoKnight – the Spirit of Fire. Despite being 90% repaint, GaoKong comes with a new, badass mask that resemble the style of medieval knights.

Kit: Shokugan Modeling Project – Gao Knight
Series: Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger
Price: 7,700 yen
Release date: Jan 2022

The Shokugan Modeling Project is a new line that inherited the Super Mini Pla line of Bandai – which are model kits with candies included in them. The line usually focuses on older mecha series and Super Sentai robots, with full combination gimmick and heavy use of stickers. The new SMP line focuses on keeping the same gimmicks, but with an increase in terms of details and build quality, since older Super Mini Pla are quite fiddly with their combiners. Shokugan Modeling Project aim to create a faithful combining gimmick while also make the combined unit a fun toy to play with as well. Check out Fuwa Kotatsu’s incredible gallery of this valiant and blazing knight!

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