Kit review: HG SRWOG Dygenguar

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The DyGenGuar is the first unit in the Dynamic General Guardian (DGG) series designed by DC (Divine Crusaders) leader Bian Zoldark. It was called the Double G (General Guardian/Gx2) before its rollout but was later given the name Bushin Soukou Dynamic General Guardian by its dedicated pilot, Sanger Zonvolt.
Due to being an extremely popular super robot of the SRW OG series, Dygenguar has had many different figure and model kit versions. And now to continue the HG SRWOG series, Bandai has chosen Dygenguar to become the next member.

– Info: 
HG SRWOG Dygenguar
Series: Super Robot Wars Original Generations
Price: 5720 yen
Release date: Aug 26, 2023

– Design: Dygenguar’s design is inspired by a Japanese warrior with large samurai armor. Its color tone is mainly 3 basic colors red-blue-gold with metallic silver and gold parts that make it stand out more. Its distinctive features are the helmet resembling that of a shogun and the large armor with pointed parts.

In terms of scale, because this is a non-scale model kit, it has been scaled down compared to other HG SRWOG models in the same line such as Alteisen or Huckebein. However, its size is still quite large compared to a normal HG model.

– Build quality: HG Dygenguar uses Ecopla material (Bandai’s new recycled plastic material). Most of Dygenguar’s parts are large and easy to handle nubs so building it is quite quick for its size. Not only that, it is completely separated parts and does not use any decals. Although the silver and gold parts are under-gate and covered with a metallic layer to make them stand out, they leave a lot of plastic grain, especially on the large Zankantou.

– Articulation: HG Dygenguar’s Articulation is quite flexible and sturdy. The waist joint and both sides of the shoulder joint use double joints that can be folded deeply forward and back, allowing the kit to create very good dynamic poses. Despite the large shoulder armors, it isn’t difficult to move Dygenguar’s arms because they can move independently and push up or down as desired. The hand joints is also extremely sturdy as it can hold the large Zankantou high with just one hand.

The two sides of the hip joint connected to the legs can be pulled out to help when posing without being entangled by large armor parts. The knee and ankle joints also have a wide range of movement to help it maintain better positions. However, there is still some limitation in the rear ankle joint.

– Accessories & Gimmicks: Because Dygenguar only has one main weapon, the Zankantou, it doesn’t have too many external accessories. We will have 2 swords: Zankantou in its original form and the iconic giant Zankantou. Unfortunately, we don’t have the Daisharin boomerang form.

The armor on the back can open up to reveal two thrusters inside. They are used to help Dygenguar jump up high when executing its attacks. The arm part can be detached and attached to an additional base to create the Dynamic Knuckle skill (similar to Mazinger’s Rocket Punch). In addition, we have 3 pairs of hands to change to suit the Zankantou holding position and a common Bandai’s action base 5 set.

–> Overall: As a long-awaited machine to appear in the HG SRWOG series, the HG Dygenguar did not disappoint us. With a very cool design and extremely good joint mechanism, this will be a model kit worth owning if you are a fan of the Super Robot Wars Original Generations series or a fan of our man Sanger. It would be good if Bandai would continue with his horse brother – Aussenseiter to complete this duo.

“There is nothing my Zankantou cannot cut!”