Review: Metal Robot Damashii – Wing Gundam Zero [Fuwa Kotatsu]

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a Gundam! The Gundam Wing Zero return to the Robot Damashii line, albeit this time with some extra die-cast for additional weight and solidity. Needless to say, the figure looks much better than any other Wing Zero with tampo-printed decals and a vibrant paint job. Some parts could use a bit more metallic coating, but overall, this thing looks amazing.

– Info:
Bandai – Metal Robot Damashii – Wing Gundam Zero
Series: Wing Gundam
Price: 13,000 yen
Release date: 25 Nov 2021

Check out Fuwa Kotatsu’s gorgeous photoshoot of the figure. The vibrant color-scheme and superb articulation of the figure is highlighted below. If you haven’t got a Wing Zero and doesn’t want to paint the Real Grade, this is the figure to go for!

The Wing Gundam Zero design is the most modern of all Wing suits, despite actually being the “first” Gundam to be made. The wings are not quite bird-like anymore, but has a more “powerful” feel to it. The rest are quite typical of a Gundam design. The figure did a very good job of splitting the surface into different colored panels and emphasize mechanical details that the old Robot Spirit failed to show.

The Metal Robot Damashii is also much more solid and fun to handle, as the die-cast frame really helps the transformation and posability. The old Robot Spirit abdomen was easy to get loose and the back-heavy wings would pull the entire figure back. For this, the wings aren’t a drag at all and the main body is more than enough to keep the figure on its feet. Check out the gallery below to see how it fare: