Kit review: Figure-Rise Standard – Kamen Rider Agito

Kamen Rider Agito is the second Heisei Rider right after Kuuga, so it inherits a lot of Kuuga’s good point and improved upon it. Its close connection with Kuuga also give it a charm unlike previous stand-alone Rider shows. As part of the Heisei Kamen Rider projects, Bandai obviously cannot pass up this chance to create the dragon-inspired stag-beetle rider in model kit form – especially after the SHF SS have been selling like hot cakes. So today we’re taking a look at Agito’s base form – the Ground Form.

– Info: 
FRS Kamen Rider Agito
Series: Kamen Rider Agito
Price: 3,520 yen
Release date: Jul 2021

– Design: Agito’s design is very reminiscent of Kuuga, just with some changes to key details such as the head, the body armor and the belt. Agito’s “horns” resemble that of a stag beetle, with much larger horns but still has that golden color. Overall, Agito still retain the simplicity in terms of proportions like Kuuga, and it’s one of the charms of Heisei Riders – with less extravagant design and a simple but badass form.

– Build quality: The build is straightforward and good. Bandai once again knocked it out of the part with the gold parts on this kit – just like it did with Kuuga. Bandai should just use the FRS gold color on all of their kits – especially Gunpla. The metallic coating on those golden plates is just amazing. And they have undergates on important parts to hide the nubs on the surface. There are also minimal stickers so you don’t need to worry too much. There’s some on the belt for obvious reason but even if you don’t use them, it’s fine.

– Articulation: The articulation of Agito is on the good side of FRS Kamen Rider. He can pull off many good poses. But just like others, the joints on the knees and elbows are exposed, so you’ll have to adjust the angle for the kit to not look unwieldy. The ab-crunch is on the high side of movement range, so he can bend down quite a lot. The feet pivot is also quite good, which is quite crucial for a Kamen Rider.

– Gimmicks: Agito is very similar to Kuuga, in that their base form is very…well…basic. It’s just punch and kick till the monster is defeated. The only gimmicks that can be considered a gimmick is the horn exchange on the head. The process is quite easy but you still have to be careful to not break the delicate visor parts.

– Accessories:  The Agito Ground Form comes with very basic stuff:

x 3 pairs of hands
x 1 Agito emblem

Lots of stylistic option for the hands but otherwise not much option to go for. Very similar to Kuuga in that their fists and feet do the talking/posing in this case.

–> Overall: A very basic kit but an extremely good looking one. Gold on FRS Kamen Rider has that premium metallic feel to them with undergated nubs so it pops a lot. The accessories isn’t much but it’s enough for the Ground Form. Subsequent forms will undoubtedly has weapons with them. This is a very affordable and good model kit to build and play with.