Kit Review: HG TWFM 1/144 Gundam Pharact

Gundam-type Mobile Suit developed by Pell Technologies. The Pharact employs new thrusters known as Blast Boosters, which give the unit the flight capabilities Pell is known for. The GUND FORMAT also allows it to effectively regulate inertia, enabling it to engage in battle on all three axes whether in space or under gravity.
The Pharact apprehends enemies using the GUND-BIT stun feature and can attack from any position thanks to its high mobility and precision sniping skills. This is all thanks to Pharact’s GUND-ARM system and its pilot, Elan Ceres

– Info: 
HG TWFM 1/144 Gundam Pharact 
Series: Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury 
Price: 2090 yen
Release date: Dec 17, 2022

– Design: 
With a dominant black tone, the Pharact has a mysterious appearance. Its design looks like the model of a “hunter” with a long rifle. Many of its parts are similar to Zowort (Pell Technologies’ main craft). It is also the reason why in its first debut, it was mistaken for the black Zowort. What makes it special is the backpack that extends from the back over the shoulders with multiple thrusters. It also has onboard sensor parts on the body that lives up to its “Gundam” name.

– Build quality:
Bandai’s plastic quality is very good. However, because the armor parts of Pharact are blue-gray, they will easily leave scratches, and you must be careful when handling nubs (especially the top of the head with 4 small v-fins). In addition to the decal in its sensor parts, it seems to need no further use, especially when its head part is completely separated. One thing worth noting about this model is that most of the backpack’s joints are c-clips so be careful or they can break or loosen (in the worst case, it’ll be very difficult to fix).

– Articulation:
Most of the joints on its main body are pretty good. The two sides of its body have pectoral joints that can be pushed to the sides to increase the amplitude of the shoulder joints (very suitable for posing when using a long rifle). In addition, it has almost no shoulder armor so it can move extremely well. Its waist joint can be folded forward and back quite comfortably. In particular, the ankle joint is connected to an armor part that can be pushed out to reveal the gimmick inside, and the two sides of the foot can also be folded when posing in flight mode. However, the backpack used is mostly c-clips, so it’s easy to loose.

Pharact is a machine with a lot of interesting gimmicks. Most of them appear on the backpack. Besides the joints that help it move, the two wings can also be pushed up to move forward and back comfortably. The underside of each wing also has 2 bits inside it. 2 side thrusters can push up and open 2 hidden thrusters forward. It is a gimmick that is used a lot in anime. Both arms can be opened and the beam saber can be retrieved from within it. However, the wrist cannot be bent down to the same depth as in the anime. Below the ankle is a hidden gimmick, it has a hole that can shoot beams. It’s perfectly possible to stick a beam saber blade into it.

– Accessories: 
+ X1 Beam Arquebus: the long beam rifle 
+ X2 beam Saber: inside each forearm
+ X2 Beak Foot: Beam Cannon under each foot
+ X8 Corax: 8 bits are mounted on both sides of the backpack. Each pair of bits will be tied together and in 1 slot. 
Despite the full range of weapons, the Pharact’s bit count is still too small compared to the number of them appearing in the anime (about 20 bits). 8 bits is the minimum they can put in. However, to use them you need the weapon display base of the HG TWFM series with dedicated connector parts for them.

–> Overall: The HG Pharact is a pretty good HG model kit, although it has a few limitations. It deserves to be added to your collection if you are a fan of the G-Witch series and our poor friend Elan (4 not 5). I highly recommend it as a great Birthday present for you or your friends. Looking forward to the return of Pharact in season 2 with new equipment.