Figure review: Robot Damashii [Side EVA] Evangelion Unit-01 (2020 ver.)

As a new robot spirits for the rebuild of evangelion, bandai has decided to remake the old robot spirits released back in 2010. First and foremost, the new shogoki (unit-01) is phenomenon.

– Info: 
Robot Damashii Evangelion Unit-01 2020 ver 
Series: Rebuild of Evangelion  
Price: 6050 yen
Release date: Jul 2020
Get your own RD Evangelion Unit-01 here:

– Design: The proportion is exactly of that in the movies. The skinniness is portraited exactly how it should be. No wide hips or shorten forelegs. The details are sharps and accurate. Especially the colors, they are what appeared on screen. But unfortunately, we dont get any of the decals and unit number on the shoulders and forearms.

– Articulation & gimmicks: The joint itself feel solid, you can achieve any poses shogoki can in the movies. The fins on the forearms are soft plastic, which help alot during hands swapping or posing in general. The underfoot is painted so do be careful when putting the figure down. The painted part nicely done.

Now we will talk about the posability. This thing is packed with everything you need. The head is on a hinged swivel, the mouth can be open. The neck at the base is on a hinge ball joint, it can be bend forward for more of your average “beast mode”. We only get a hinge joint at the base of the head but they also give you an armor sliding gimmick with the yellow neck part.

 The shoulders are balljointed hinge, the range of movements is good with no hindering. Which thanks to the binders placement. They are connected onto the biceps, which give the shoulder the needed clearance. On top of that, they are connected on a swiveled balljoint. The biceps have swivel joints, even though you can not give it a 360° spin but it is good enough for any natural poses. The elbows are a single hinged joint, in addition to that. You have 2 swivel you can use on the joints. The one in the biceps give a 360° spin while the one on the forearms give just a little swivel. The hands are connected on a hinged balljoint, even though the ball joints are the male connector, they serve no real posability whatsoever. But due to the nature of the design, the hinged joint work very well. With that in mind, the joint itself is on a swivel. Give you more angle to use your hinged joint. 

The torso itself has 3 ball joint for each sections of it. Given it a more natural posability. Due to the design, the chest area does not have much area to pose. But from the stomach down to the waist are not as hindered as much. Shogoki has a phenomenal abs crunch but not so much for the back bending. With the ball joints, any side to side or swivel are achievable. 

The legs are on ball jointed hips which also can be pull down for more range of movement. The thighs are connected on a ball joint. The knees are double jointed, the knees guard are on a hinge joiny. The ankles are hinged joint with swivel. The foots can swivel side to side with the ball jointed armor part connect onto it. The feet also has a toe bend.

– Accessories: we have : 
+ Replacement wrist left and right 5 types each
+ Umbilical cable
+ Palette rifle
+ Progressive knife
+ Replacement shoulder armor for knife opening (left)
+ AT field (with dedicated pedestal)      
+ Spare horn 
+ Base adapter

Everything is it what you expected it to be. But there are a few notices, should be address: The gun holding hands are also the knife holding hand. Which shogoki will always hold the knife at an angle. The cable is actual wired making it a bit hard to achieve a natural cable looks. The AT field we get is the ripped one. Some of these notices are not minus side but rather a head up for what you getting. 

–> Overall: the figure is fun to handle and is able to provide such fun. Other than no decals or number on shogoki, there isn’t much to complain about this figure.