Kit Review: Moderoid Mark Nicht – Soukyuu No Fafner

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Show them which is the true child of nothingness, Mark Nicht! – Soushi Minashiro

Fafner Mark Nicht – the aspect of Nothingness – is a Salvator Model created by the Neo U.N. and comes in pair with the Mark Sein – the aspect of Existence. The unit was piloted by Soushi Minashiro – the deuteragonist of the series and later his reincarnation is the main character of the Beyond. Like its name, the Nicht possesses powerful abilities such as wiping out the enemies with wormholes, teleporting and manipulating the target with its detachable fins. The Mark Nicht was originally used to kidnap Soushi in the first season then it was used by Misao Kurusu for short time in the HaE and finally awakened and pilot by Soushi Minashiros. The GSC Moderoid version is Ko-Soushi (II)’s unit in the Beyond.

Good Smile Company – Moderoid – Fafner Mark Nicht
Series:  Fafner in the Azure
Price: 9,000 yen
Release date: Aug 2022

Design: The Fafner units are designed by Naohiro Washio, a famous Mecha designer in the industry who designed Mecha for series like Valvrave, Gundam series and even Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari. To talk about the uniqueness of his designs, it is impossible not to mention the body, especially the abdomen, which is always weird and strange. and so are the Fafners, they have oddly shaped bodies and crooked organic limbs. GSC’s Morderoid version did a good job replicating the looks of every joint in the body.

However, the color separation of GSC model is a double-edged sword, the Moderoid Mark Nicht doesn’t come with any stickers so it’s pre-painted on every part in the runner. Some will be undercut, but more or less when cut, it will affect the aesthetics of the kit. The main color being purple and the secondary colors are green and grey, GSC has done a good job with the idea of the color separation in Nicht but compare to Sein, it’s a bit of a downgrade.

Build quality: Unlike the first Fafner model Mark Sein, Mark Nicht is really the upgrade version in both good ways and bad ways. To be honest, if compared to Mark Sein, my Mark Sein experience is more enjoyable. Unlike Sein, Nicht has a spikier design and many sharp and thin places, which greatly affects your assembly experience. When assembling Nicht you will have to be careful, more focus and gentler to avoid cracking or whitening the plastic surface. Still, while Nicht plastic is more vulnerable, the quality is really improved such as softer plastic makes it easier to put pieces together.

Articulation: The articulation is not as good as Sein in some part but still can do the unique pose in anime. Different from Sein’s shoulder and groin joints, Nicht’s joints somewhat makes the model easier to pose thanks to its range of motion. Besides, due to the ball joint of the waist, the range of the torso is also slightly increased. However, because the Nicht’s wings are big and heavy, plus the plastic this time has been softened, it is inevitable that the wings will sag. Most of the Nicht parts are easy to loosening after a while, so posing can be difficult and can make the playing experience become uncomfortable.

– Gimmick & Accessories: Almost all of Nicht’s gimmicks are on its wings, the thorns can be detached and connected to the included strings to create scenes from the anime. the white round block at the top of the wing can be lifted and closed without a replacement parts. Because Nicht’s hands are large, the fingers are inserted into the palm with a ball joint and there is a hole in the middle of the palm so that the worm ring can be inserted. Unfortunately, unlike Sein, Moderoid Nicht don’t have any crystal piece piece, only 1 Luger Lance, an orange fin effect part for the back, 2 closed fists, 2 weapon-holding hands.

Overall: Moderoid Mark Nicht is pretty good kit to own. We can clearly see that GSC has been improving upon the critical issue in mark sein, but there are many new problems. If calling Sein is a program error, after fixing, 5 new errors will appear and its name is Nicht lol. Just one small mistake in the process, you can become a character in the Fafner universe (which means sad and depressed). So when assembling, be absolutely careful, especially the upper half of the body (wing, fin, head, chest,…) and the parts that have been metallic painted. If you are a fan of the series in general and have owned sein before in particular, I think this kit still worth for your collection. Only Alles far to now left, hope that GSC will improve and take the strengths from Sein and Nicht to bring out the best product.