Kit review: Kotobukiya  – Non-scale Muv Luv Alternative – Type-97 Fubuki

The Type-97 Fubuki is a training TSF featured in Muv-Luv Betaverse. The unit is essentially a stripped-down version of the Shiranui – the first 3rd generation TSF to be deployed on the frontline. The Fubuki possesses many features for training purposes. For Takeru and his squad, the Fubuki was painted in the United Nations’ blue color.
The Kotobukiya kit is a fresh new release after the new Alternative anime was aired. The various upgrades made to the Muv-Luv TSF are also present in this kit, so let’s take a look!

– Info: 
Kotobukiya  – Non-scale Muv Luv Alternative – Type-97 Fubuki
Series: MuvLuv Alternative 
Price: 9,460 yen
Release date: May 2023

– Design: The Fubuki has an exterior design similar to the Type-94 Shiranui because it is a training version of the Shiranui. The most obvious difference is the head and shoulder armor. In this kit, instead of the dark blue tone like in the visual novel, this Fubuki has a lighter blue tone similar as seen in the anime version. If you want a kit with the original visual novel color, you can choose the Blast Guard version (released Nov 2023). As a 3rd-gen TSF, the Fubuki has a large upper body with slim legs. The Fubuki’s body proportion (barred the shoulders) is a homage to mecha designer Masami Obari’s style with large, bulky shoulders and chest and smaller calves. Unlike TSF from other nations, Japanese TSF and the Fubuki in particular doesn’t clearly follow a real-life fighter jet design.

– Build quality: Although it is a brand new Muv Luv kit after many years, there are few changes compared to other kits in the same line. The plastic is relatively easy to deal with nubs but the snap-fit in some places is still quite bad (a common point of the Koto kit). Only the sensor eyes are pre-painted.

Although 80% of its body is similar to Shiranui, the internal structure of the parts has mostly been changed. However, it has been reduced in a lot of clear parts compared to Shiranui (only appears in body armor and legs). Not only that, we will have a lot of spare parts from non-scale Shiranui because many parts were reused for Fubuki.

– Articulation: A plus point of Fubuki is that its joints are sturdier than the non-scale Shiranui. This is probably thanks to the structural change of Fubuki’s internal parts. However, the shoulder armor is still easily stuck and the arm shield is a bit limited. Although the waist armor is not as structured as Shiranui Second 1.5’s waist, it is still better than Shiranui’s. The two sides of the hip armor can be pushed up to help increase the amplitude of the legs. The knees can also bend more than 90 degrees and the feet can move freely, which helps a lot when posing.

– Accessories & Gimmicks: Fubuki’s equipment is similar to Japanese TSF kits such as Takemikazuchi or Shiranui 2nd: 
+ + X2 Type-87 Assault Cannon 
+ X2 Type-87 Support Assault Cannon (2 gun heads can be changed to Type-87 Assault Cannon)
+ X2 Type-74 PB Blade
+ X2 Type-65 PB Knife
+ X2 Knife sheath subs-arms
+ X2 Blade Mount (There are 2 open and closed ends for each side)
+ X2 Gun Mount (There are 2 open and closed ends for each side)
+ X2 Jump Unit 

However, in this anime version, Koto omitted the Type-92 Autonomous Multi-Purpose Missile System and the Supplemental Armor, which are indispensable if you want to fill the roles in Takeru’s special 207th Flight Storm Vanguard. If you want full equipment, you must buy the Blast Guard version. This is a big minus point as the cost of this kit is higher than other kit models in the same line (especially Valkyries Shiranui).

–> Overall: with the return of a new kit model of the Muv Luv series, Fubuki has overcome some disadvantages of the old kits, especially the joint structure. If you are a fan of the Muv Luv series and have been waiting for the Fubuki model kit for a long time, this is a kit you should try. However, with the high price and reduced options, if you don’t really like the anime color version, you can choose the Blast Guard version with the original color in the visual novel and the full option.