Kit Review: HG TWFM 1/144 Gundam lfrith Thorn

A Gundam-type mobile suit was provided to the anti-Spacian organization Dawn of Fold. Like the Lirith Ur, this unit is a heavily modified version of the Gundam Lfrith Pre-Production Model. Its peculiar design featuring long arms and short legs was implemented to allow the Lfrith Thorn to withstand the most intense combat situations and gives the unit a very stable center of gravity. 
The unit comes equipped with a Beam Diffuse Gun that excels at providing suppressive fire over a wide area. It exhibits qualities distinct from that of its sibling Lfrith Ur by primarily being used for backup roles.

– Info: 
HG TWFM 1/144 Gundam lfrith Thorn
Series: Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury 
Price: 1760 yen
Release date: Mar 18, 2023
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– Design: Gundam Lfrith Thorn is one of the most unique designs of the entire G-Witch series. Like her sister, Lfrith Ur, Lfrith Thorn was also designed by mechanical designer Takayuki Yanase (known for his designs in the Gundam 00 series). It has a dominant brown color that is rarely seen in MS model kits.

The first and most noticeable feature of it is the disproportionate body proportions, the arms are longer and conversely, the legs are greatly shortened. This makes Thorn much shorter than other kits of the same series. It has a part detail permet on the chest instead of 2 parts like Ur and Aerial (same as the original Lfrith). Similar to Ur, Thorn also has a big cannon mounted on his back that acts as a backpack.

– Build quality: The plastic quality is still very good, especially in the HG Gwitch series. The color of the brown parts is relatively similar to its original color, but it makes it more difficult to handle nubs. Besides the red decals of the detail permet on the chest and the cannon on the back, most of the others are not needed. However, there is a bad point, I don’t know if it was intentionally or unintentionally forgotten by the Bandai, the detail permet on the chest only has decals on the sides and the middle is left blank (On the anime they are all glowing).

– Articulation: Even though its body proportions are not balanced, its articulations are still quite good. The neck joint can be pushed up and down to help the head move quite well without being entangled. Abdominal joints are a bit limited. The joints in the arm are relatively solid, so it can hold its large rifle with just one hand. The legs are short, but thanks to the pushable rear skirt armor and the push-fit thigh armor, it doesn’t have many limitations. However, the back part of the leg cannot be pushed to the sides like Ur, so it can be a little difficult to stand.

– Gimmicks: Lfrith Thorn has many interesting gimmicks. The large armor on the shoulders and legs has many thrusters and possibly some of them are gatling guns like Ur. Both wrists have a part that can be pushed up and become a beam saber. Most importantly, like Ur, the Phased Array Cannon on the back can open hatch status when reaching permet score 3 or higher and reveal the red details inside (if you use decal or paint). And besides, there are gimmicks hidden in the joints of the legs and arms that we still do not know their purpose (according to some people they can be used to swap parts or use other parts from Lfrith Ur).

– Accessories: It doesn’t have too many weapons but still has a variety:
+ X1 Beam Diffuse Gun: There is an extra handle that allows Thorn to hold it with both hands
+ X1 Shield: mounted on the left arm instead of on the gun like Ur
+ X2 Beam Saber: both are mounted on the shield 
+ X1 Phased Array Cannon: We still don’t know how it uses like a cannon but in the anime (ep 14) it is used as a signal generator to control GunVolva like gund-bits.
Besides, Bandai also gives us a pair of spread hands. It is possible that it will have new accessories after being upgraded, sold separately, or with the other kit (or not).

–> Overall: The HG Gundam Lfrith Thorn is a pretty good kit. If you are a fan of the G Witch series, it is an indispensable kit in your collection. It is a pity that now this machine has lost its sister. Hopefully, we’ll see Thorn back in the anime with new equipment.