Figure review: S.H.Figuarts – Iron Man Mk.85 Final Battle Edition

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The pinnacle of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s 10 year in the making – Endgame was one of the biggest movie of ALL TIME. And the final battle in the movie was glorious – even though it’s just another band of heroes vs CGI army, it was a battle grander than any in the franchise. And of course Bandai will never pass up the chance to make the S.H.F of the main player of the movie – Tony Stark a.k.a the-one-and-only Iron Man. In Endgame, he wore his most advanced suit – the Mark 85 – and also his final.

– Info: 
S.H.Figuarts – Iron Man Mk.85 Final Battle Edition
Series: MCU The Avengers  
Price: 9,350 yen
Release date: May 2020

– Design: The Mark 85 suit is Tony’s nanotech armor, with more curvy features and muscular proportion than his previous blocky armors. Tony still rocks his red and gold color-scheme which looks amazing with the metallic paintjob. The normal version of the figure looks pristine and clean, while the new paint is this figure huge selling point. It’s just phenomenon to have a damaged, weathered and darken Mark 85 that we seen on screen during the final battle.

– Articulation & gimmicks: Posability of the figure is the same as the old one . The head is on a ball joint, so is the base of the neck. The torso has 2 ball joint, one for the chest and one for the waist. Other than that, there are 2 hinge joint alongside them too. Which help Mark 85 to bend forward but it does make an ugly gap behind the chest area. The arms are connect on a basic hinged ball joint. The biceps have swivel joint and the elbows are double jointed. The hands are connected on a single ball joint. The legs are connected on a ball jointed hip which also can be pull down. The knees are double jointed, the ankles have a hinge joint. The feet can move side to side and the toe can be bend..

– Accessories: The true selling point of this figure are the accessories and the paint:
– 1 x Replacement Head
– 1x Energy Shield
– 1x Nano Lighting Refocuser and its effect parts
– 4x Repulsors and Thrusters effect parts
– 1x Energy Blade
– 2x Pairs of Replacement hands

The weapons are well made, Bandai decided not to make up their own design like mark 50. The design maybe not too on screen accurate but they are recognizable.

The energy shield is attachable on the right arm. The shield itself isn’t too heavy and the figure is able to hold it no problem.
The energy blade is just your standard hand with blade.
The Lighting Refocuser is plugged onto the figure back via a peg. The peg work perfectly and the accessory itself does not hinder the figure posability. The refocuser itself has a single ball joint for six of its arm.
The hands are your standard iron man hands as same as the first Mark 85.
Tony’s head on this figure is alright, not perfect by any means. The skin tone is believable, but the eyes are just uncanny. It only looks good in certain angle. His hair has a dirtied paint which help the overall figure looks. The effect is cartoonish, as they tried to have different shades on it. They should have just went with full hard orange and it would have went well with the color scheme.

–> Overall: It is not a bad product by any mean. What it offers are not attractive enough consider what Mafex is putting out. But I would say, it is a fun figure to mess around. And if you have the whole squad with Captain America, Thor and everyone else especially Tom’s Spiderman, then you cannot miss the man with a heart – Iron Man Tony Stark.