Kit Review: Code Beast – Hundred Edge Alma

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We have many talented mecha illustrators out there with original designs that make us all excited! And one of them is the combination between fan-favorite franchises Gundam and Zoids – and that is Code Beast. Code Beast started as a Gundam doujinshi with original designs showing transformable Gundams that can turn into beast mode. The design was so impressive that the designs were licensed as model kits, which is quite rare. Wave corporation has produced the first (and most popular) unit: Hundred Edge – which is a combination between a mobile suit and the Liger Zoids. The version we’re looking at today is the extra armament version: the Hundred Edge Alma.

– Info: 
Hundred Edge Alma
Series: Code Beast
Price: 7,500 yen 
Release date: July, 2022
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– Design: The original Code Beast design for the Hundred Edge is a true Gundam – with V-fin and red chin etc… but for the Hundred Edge release, due to licensing, the design has to change to a more “generic” head design. The v-fin is replaced with a visor and no red chin. The design is very reminiscent of Ebikawa-sensei’s real robot design that fits an ace pilot. Of course, the Zoids element can be seen across the unit especially the chest, arms and legs – with the beast head and claws part of the kibble. The normal Hundred Edge is quite lanky, but the Alma version is much more bulkier with extra armor on the shoulder, knee and arm. Overall, this unit looks like something out of Super Robot Wars itself.

– Build quality: Well, Wave isn’t Bandai. And even though they have made many mecha model kits, the quality is only about…65% as good. The plastic quality isn’t bad, but the snap-fit isn’t the best and you better be ready with some metal file and cement. The kit has minimal stickers so it’s not too bad. A little panel line will definitely make your kit pop with all the great surface details.

– Articulation: Wave Corporation isn’t known for making well-articulated kits. However, the Hundred Edge is pretty decent, but not amazing by any means. Due to the real robot designs, the usual stuff are there like good elbow and knee crunch, very great head articulation etc… But due to the beast transformation gimmick, the robot mode lacks an ab-crunch (or any torso mobility for that matter). The feet is very restrictive. And there is a pretty funny gimmick on the thighs too – you can “dislodge” the thigh to the side for a slightly wider spread (it’s mostly for the transformation tbh). It can pull off pretty decent pose for a real robot, but it wont be pulling off “beastly” poses in robot mode any time soon.

– Accessories: The Alma comes with quite a lot of stuff:
1 x gun blade
1 x long rifle
1 x sword
2 x katana
1 x shield
1 x tail

The Alma extra armors include a visor for the Beast head, 2 knee attachments with sword mount, forearm armor and knee armor. The og Code Beast looks very thin and sleek, while the Alma is much more bulky and seems more “tactical”.

– Gimmicks: Now this is the part where the kit shine…somewhat. The transformation is quite simple but very enjoyable to do. Especially the hip and liger head transformation. It is quite satisfying to pull out the chest and flip the body upwards, definitely give you the sense that the unit “transform”. The legs and arms are pretty much just reverse-bent to become animal limbs. In this form, there’s not much articulation aside from the legs and arms but less range. It won’t pull off Kotobukiya-tier poses but it looks pretty cool.

–> Overall: Overall, the kit is mostly a “cool to own” kinda kit. The build process and playability isn’t very high, but dang it if the kit doesn’t look amazing on the shelf. Also it is pretty huge, comparable to bigger-than-average MG even. And with any luck, Wave will make more from the Code Beast line, but the prospect isn’t too positive. If you want this kit, grab it while it’s on sale at HLJ since it isn’t worth the original price.