Kit Review: HG TWFM 1/144 Darilbalde

Developed as a proof-of-concept for Jeturk Heavy Machinery’s 5th generation of mobile suits, the Daribalde was produced prioritizing adaptation of next-gen military drone technology to a mobile suit. When adapting a drone equipped with Decision Making Extension Al capable of self-learning and autonomous operation to a humanoid mobile suit, the team attempted to add fundamental kinesthetic integration to the unit.
The Darilbalde does not feature the revolutionary technology of the GUND FORMAT in its design. However, unlike the Gundams that utilize “cursed” technology, this unit prides itself as a legitimate evolution of the mobile suit as a platform.

– Info: 
HG TWFM 1/144 Darilbalde 
Series: Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury 
Price: 2090 yen
Release date: Dec 3, 2023
Purchase here:

– Design: The first and most prominent thing in Darilbalde’s design is the dominant red tone. It makes one think of a typical rival machine against Gundam. Darilbalde’s exterior resembles that of a Roman gladiator. The v-fin on the top also makes us think of Char’s Zaku (Dilanza like TWFM’s Zaku II Type-1C). On either side of the shoulder are two large shields that create an arc around it. If you look closely, there are many details of it that are quite similar to Dilanza (this is of course when both are produced by the same company according to the anime). It has sensor parts with green circuit board details on the body, 2 shoulders, 2 thighs and 2 shield sides.

– Build quality: As always, Bandai’s plastic is very good. They can fit together completely without using strong force. Like other HG TWFM models, its plastic material has a certain softness so it is easy to handle nubs. Its head is very well separated into details without the use of decals (however, the eye part has only a yellow color, so it is recommended to use decals with green borders or self-paint). The sensor parts only have one part for each part, so only one type of decal can be pasted (Here I use a decal with an active sensor).

– Articulation: Articulation is my favorite thing about this kit. Despite its large body size, it is extremely sturdy and flexible. The waist joint can be folded forward and back very deeply. The shoulder joint can be pushed up at will to help the arm increase its range of motion. Even the two sides of the shield also have a pivot pin and a push-pull to the two sides, making it not feel entangled when posing (this seems like a weak point, but it’s a huge plus). The forearms and feet are removable, so the joint is not fixed, but it hardly affects its stability. The front skirt can only be moved a little to create space for the legs to move more comfortably. All of this helps a melee machine like Darilbalde to create many beautiful poses. 

– Gimmicks: What makes Darilbade special is that it can separate parts such as hands and feet. 2 forearms and 2 shields can be separated for use as melee bits. Behind the backpack has 2 extra arms (but the head part is the beam saber instead of two hands) that can also be separated into bits or attached to the two arms ahead. The feet can be separated and pushed up the back part to form a craw bite (they are connected by wire available instead of wireless as hand parts). To maximize this special ability, encourage the use of Action Base specialized for HG TWFM series.

– Accessories: The number of accessories of Darilbalde is not small but most of them are its body parts:
+ X1 Beam Javelin: It can be split into two separate weapons, Beam Anchor (large head) and Beam Kunai (small head). They are connected by a circular connection part.
+ X2 Isvara Type-A: The 2 forearms can be separated from the front. They can only wield Beam Anchor and Beam Kunai as melee bit weapons. 
+ X2  Isvara Type-B: The 2 forearms can be separated from the backpack. They use the head to attach the beam effect instead of the hand like the type-A.
+ X2 Ambika: 2 large shields are mounted on both sides of the shoulders. When detached, it acts as a portable protection device instead of a weapon
+ X2 Shackle Claw: The weapon has a claw shape when detached from its paws. They are connected to an iron core wire that can be bent freely
It also has a beam vulcan (on the head) and a pallet mine (on knee armor). Everything that Darilbalde shows in the anime is fully done. Perhaps because it only appeared in a single duel in ep 3, it did not have other ranged weapons (like Dilanza’s beam Rifle). Bandai also gives us a basic 4 parts base commonly seen although it is not effective as the Action Base.

–> Overall: HG Darilbalde is a very good kit. If you are looking for a unique design and gimmick then this is a great choice. In addition, if you are a fan of G-Witch series and our boy Gue- I mean Bob, you cannot lack it in your collection. Hopefully, we will see this guy again in the anime (or replace it as another machine).