Kit Review: 30 Minute Mission – Spinatio Knight Type

After the futuristic mecha theme, 30MM finally turned to the historical-themed units with the Spinatio. After the Sengoku, Ninja and Fencer type, it’s time for the Western Order of Knights to get some love. The Spinatio Knight type represent the Western Knight motif with its design. And of course, 30MM is getting wayyyy to hard to complete in 30 minutes.

Kit: EXM-A9k Spinatio (Knight Type)
Series: 30 Minute Mission
Price: 1,628 yen
Release date: Nov 2022

Design: Despite following the Western Knight motif, the Spinatio still retain the slim and thin design of the base unit. As usual, the changes are pretty much on the outer armor, while the base unit is still the same. The head unit is quite cool (although at the time of this review, I unfortunately lost the visor of the helmet. But you can find the promo image). The shoulder guard and knee guard are pretty knightly, although with an edgier style to it. The Spinatio originally was meant for a ninja/assassin type unit, so the Knight style did end up being very slim.

Build quality: 30MM is a pretty standard line of model kit, so there’s not much to complain about. The build process is pretty much identical to other 30MM, but getting the build time down to 30 minutes is pretty hard with later models since there’s much more parts to build, but this isn’t a weakness or anything, but rather something good. The number of parts and complexity is still not comparable to HG Gundam kits, but the increase in details is a positive thing.

Furthermore, you can still build the base Spinatio without the Knight armor. And the kit can accomodate both modes, which is nice.

Articulation: Being on the slim side, the Spinatio can be pretty wild and acrobatic with its pose. For the Knight type, the side skirt armor is actually quite large and might hinder some movement, but they can be swivel out of the way to make room, although for a knight, he wont be doing crazy poses but having the option is nice. Overall, the kit’s poseability is very satisfactory.

– Gimmicks: Each 30MM variants has some gimmick compared to the base unit, and the Knight Type is no exception. However, most of the gimmick is quite “basic”. Aside from the ability to switch between 2 type – the base and the Knight, this Spinatio has 2 gimmicks: one is the ability to flip the visor up and down, and second is to store the sword behind the shield. The adaptor and numerous 3mm pegs along the kit body helps weapon storage an easy job. You can also store the sword on any pegs on the body.

Accessories: The 30MM kits are usually quite scarce in terms of accessories:

x1 Knight Sword

x1 Shield

x3 pairs of hand

Pretty much what you’d need for a knight. The accessories is quite basic but it does have more hand options than the average 30MM unit. The sword and shield looks really nice with a lot of options to combine them and storage.

Overall: A very fun kit to build and play with. The Knight Type is very dignified yet sleek in design. The poseability and accessories are quite adequate. The price for the kit is also very affordable (just like other models in the line). The custom potential of 30MM is not for debate since we’ve already seen a lot of amazing customs for them. For me, this is a great kit even among the Spinatio lineup.


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