Episode Review: Fuuto Tantei ep 12: Final Extreme – Beginning of J

I will take back everything you took from this City!
The season 1 finale is here! And it is visually explosive, satisfying and full of mystery – just what we expect from W. Episode 12 marked the end of the first season, and while we haven’t gotten a confirmation of a sequel, the way the series ended leave a lot of setup for future continuation, and the source material – which is the manga – still has a lot of content to adapt.

Back to the episode itself, we see Tokime displaying her “strength”, but this time as a human and not the “witch”. After spending time with the goofy yet honest and half-boiled Shotaro, Tokime has gained a new humanity that maybe even she hasn’t recognized. Even so, her way of thinking to solve problems, her courage to act in the heat of the situation, they all came from seeing Shotaro in action and now we can definitely call her his official “assistant”.

Shotaro has regained himself after the episode of insecurity last episode. Our detective just become a bit more hard-boiled. Well, we are very familiar with Shotaro and Hidari when they get serious about a case, so seeing them crack this one with facts and logic is both a blast from the past as well as a “hell yeah!” moment.

The fight in this episode is amazing. Although the enemy is just a low level executive in the grand scheme of things, W has to bust out Extreme and even then, the fight was hard. The Prism Maximum Drive is a pretty nice call back to Utopia – and we even see a brief frame of him. Well, this time, Prism also successfully dropped the enemy. But with a very nice sequence.

The Extreme Maximum Drive while carrying Tokime is amazing, although I couldn’t imagine her not getting tossed around like a doll lol. Shotaro literally has a protective airbag in front of him for the continuous kick recoil lmao. Well, the sequence was animated beautifully, so I won’t complain.

Well, in the end, all’s well that ends well…for now. We got teased with Bando’s gang continuous operation in Shadow Fuuto, while revealing his past to be…a relatively successful guy, very wealthy and talented even. So what caused him to put all of this into motion, and what is Street’s true motive? It couldn’t be anything like the Museum, but probably another tragic backstory kinda thing. Of course this gets elaborated more in the manga, so this is definitely a good hook for season 2.

Furthermore, Tokime has determined to “learn everything there is about W”. And while this show her resolve and willingness to become Shotaro and Phillip’s comrade, it also stir up some unhappy memory inside Shotaro, particularly “Begin’s Night”. And in the manga, we also got a whole arc about this with Chief Narumi. Everything about Fuuto ending’s scream season 2. And it would be a shame to let it just end like that, considering the quality of adaptation has been amazing so far. Really wish they will green lit a continuation.

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