Figure Review: HEATBOYS – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Leonardo

The old ninja boys are getting a major mechanical remake! Heatboys announced a total of 5 figures – the 4 Turtle brothers as well as Shredder – their arch enemies – to be made into mecha figures. The idea behind this figure is making a robot for each turtle carrying the colors and the style of its pilot. And I think HeatBoys did a wonderful job with this figure in almost every aspect.

Get your own mechanized Leonardo here.

+ Design: The figure is indeed a high-quality piece nothing felt cheap, and no short cut were made I love how they used different shades of paint on the figure, the colors combination is neat.

The sculpt of the figure is also very beautiful. And there is super cool gimmick on the turtle shell that can be opened to reveal the pilot control room, also the moving panels while moving the figures limbs is always cool to see

+ Articulation: The figure could pull ton of poses with no issues.

+ Gimmicks: The minor issue the figure have is the LEDs they are not as strong as they should and the eyes looks kinda dead when they are off, not a deal breaker at all since most companies do it like that. But they managed to add a cool feature to activate the LEDs you need to use a pizza slice that comes with the figure (no kidding) I found it funny and cool in the same time
+ Accessories: As for the accessories the figure comes with ton of them with many display options, what I liked the most is the swords and daggers are made of diecast (yes diecast) they are hefty and very nice and the figure can hold them with no issues, another cool point they didn’t include set of fists, nope just one articulated set (already attached to the robot) and a peg inside the palm to hold the swords and the guns, for me this is better than including multiple sets of fists
+ Conclusion:
S_Gokin score
Articulation: 10\10 the figure could pull ton of poses with no issues.
Quality of materials: 10\10 nothing felt cheap.
Paint (Finishing): 10\10 using different shades of the same color is a neat feature also the cool decals.
Anime accuracy: N\A I don’t think this will apply here but anyone could tell this is Leo from TMNT
Gimmicks and features: 9.5\10 the shell that open to show the pilot control room, the LEDs even tho they are not strong as they should.
Accessories: 10\10 you get what you need and more don’t forget the diecast swords and daggers
Size & dimension: 10\10 it’s the right size not huge not tiny.
Price: 10\10 for what we are getting, material wise and accessories its very reasonably priced
Weight: 10\10 it’s the perfect balance the figure has a nice heft to it, its not light and it’s not annoyingly heavy
Playability: 10\10 with all of these accessories and the multiple ways to display them, with the figure been highly articulated already, the figure is very play friendly
Engineering and shake test: 10\10 I did the shake test (with all of the accessories attached and the figure aced it, the only tiny movement came from the shoulder armor only with the assault rifle attached to it
Competitors: none, you won’t find anything like this in market
Overall: 10\10 the figure doesn’t suffer from any deal breaking issues, I find it beautiful and very well made, for me it’s a worth competitor for the figure of the year 2023


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