Review: Kotobukiya – Muv Luv Alternative Non-scale – Shiranui Second Phase 2 (Yuya Bridges) Ver.1.5

The XFJ-01a Shiranui Second is the 3rd generation experimental TSF under the XFJ Program with the help of Boening. It was originally red and white in the demonstrator version but was later changed to white at the request of its test pilot, Second Lieutenant Yuuya Bridges from Argos Test Flight. The Shiranui Second is also one of the main TSFs in Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse.
This is the latest non-scale 1.5 version of the Kotobukiya non-scale Muv Luv kit. It has many changes compared to the old non-scale version released 10 years ago.

– Info:
Kotobukiya – Non-scale Muv Luv Alternative – Shiranui Second Phase 2 (Yuya Bridges) Ver.1.5
Series: Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse
Price: 6300 yen
Release date: Aug 24, 2022

– Design: Similar to the designs of other Japanese TSFs (Takemikazuchi, Fubuki, etc.), the Shiranui Second is not based on real-life aircraft models. Compared to the original Shiranui, it has added more mechanical details, most visible in the head and shoulder armor. This version has the main color of white and black with blue clear parts quite similar to the tone of Takemikazuchi Type-00A. Overall, the design of Shiranui Second is like a revamped version of the original Shiranui familiar in Muv Luv Alternative.

– Build quality: Compared to the model kit 1/144 version, the non-scale version is much more fully color separated. It uses almost no stickers and has a few water decals for the logo. However, it still needs to paint and line some details to have a finished model like in the visual novel. The snap fit of the Koto kit is not good in some places, but it’s still easy to fix. The blue detail at the joint is completely a separate part, not needing to be painted like non-scale Takemikazuchi. The small radar parts on the head are quite thin and the pins on both sides of the head are quite loose so be careful when assembling (add a little glue to make it stronger). In addition, you will get some redundant parts of the old non-scale version due to sharing runners.

– Articulation: The non-scale version 1.5 has added modifications in some joints, especially the waist joint compared to the old version (Similar to 1.5 Takemikazuchi). This helps this kit improve to pose more dynamic poses. The two sides of the shoulder armor have internal joints that move the back and bottom of the front that make it possible to move the arm freely without being entangled. Elbow joint easily folds more than 90 degrees. The two sides of the hip armor can also be pushed up to increase the amplitude of the hip joint. The knee joint when flexed can reveal a gimmick similar to the MG Gundam. However, the part kept in the back still uses the part of the old version which is different from 1.5 Takemikazuchi (I think it isn’t a big deal). The fore and back of the foot can rotate to help it stand firmer to compensate for the less contact surface of the foot.

– Gimmick: The gimmick of version 1.5 has more added than the old version. Jump units use circular joints that can move flexibly and are more similar to those in the visual novel than some other toy lines. The details of the exhaust cap on the shoulders can be moved, although not much. The knife sheath subs-arms on each arm can be replaced with an open part to recreate Shiranui’s usual draw pose.
The blade mount can be pulled forward to create sword pose. The gun mount of version 1.5 can be pushed backward to create a shooting stance from behind. In addition, it can be replaced with a bracket part to push the two sides of the gun forward to create an attack posture with all 4 guns of the Gun sweeper.

– Accessories: Accessories for the koto kit that carries all of Shiranui Second is similar to 1.5 Takemikazuchi:
X2 Type-87 Assault Cannon
X2 Type-87 Support Assault Cannon (2 gun heads can be changed to Type-87 Assault Cannon)
X2 Type-74 PB Blade
X2 Type-65 PB Knife
X2 Knife sheath subs-arms
X2 Blade Mount (There are 2 open and closed ends for each side)
X2 Gun Mount (There are 2 open and closed ends for each side)
X2 Jump Unit
Version 1.5’s gun can remove cartridge belts and change parts from Type-87 Assault Cannon to Type-87 Support Assault Cannon. The blade mount and gun mount can change the user’s arbitrary sides such as 2 sword sides, 2 gun sides, or one type on each side. The head of each type can also be changed to open and close to be the same as when used. In addition, because there is a spare part of the previous version, it is possible to use the latch for a gun mount. Type-65 PB Knife can also be plugged in and pulled out from within the knife sheath in subs-arms.

-> Overall: With the return after 10 years of Shiranui Second with this version 1.5, koto has done quite well with this kit. It deserves to be added to your TSF model kit collection if you are a fan of the Muv Luv series and the Top Gun guy from Total Eclipse. You can search to buy a demonstrator version to get a replacement part with red and white tones. In addition, Tarisa’s dark purple-gray unit 2 version will also go on sale in September 2022. Hopefully, koto will non-scale its upgraded Shiranui Second Phase 3 in the future ( ノ ゚ー゚)ノ


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