Kit review: HG 1/144 – Beguir Beu

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This is the end of the Gundams – Kennanji Avery

– The Beguir Beu first debut in the Prologue of Mobile suit Gundam the Witch from Mercury. This is an MS developed by Grassley Defense Systems, one of the world’s leading heavy industry manufacturers. Created for the purpose of destroying the Gundam and GundFormat, and its agility and speed in the “Attack on Fólkvangr” event of the prologue are not for show. From what it performs, it is not too much to say that this is a counter card for the gundam and balances the situation between Spacians and Earthians.

Kit: HG 1/144 Beguir-Beu
Series: Gundam the Witch from Mercury
Price: 1,300 yen
Release date: Oct 2022

Design: The design of Beguir-Beu is unique and somehow odd. To be honest, my first impression of this machine is that it has same vibe to Beedrill from pokemon or Black lotus from Accel world but has a kimaris color scheme. With a slim and sharp look design, the feet look like birds of prey and two hands armed with two swords which is a very trademark of Ebikawa-sensei when he designs the villains. Beguir-Beu really looks like a hunter approaching the target rapidly (It even has a tool name Non-Kinetic pod to control the target).

Build quality: The number of runners is just right for 1 HG and the sticker is not too much you can skip most of those sticker parts except the head one. The manual now details which runners each body part needs to assemble, make it easier for assemblers to find the right one (plus point for Bandai). The kit is good and also feels satisfying to assemble. However, due to many sharply and slightly part from this kit, I recommend that you pay close attention to the backpack and bayonets when assembling.

Articulation: This part is really the weak point about this kit. Don’t get me wrong, just because it is the weak point of this kit, it doesn’t mean that this kit is bad at all. I understand because of the design and the simplification of the kit, some parts are reduced to look more aesthetically pleasing. Like the body part, the waist stick to belly can be sympathized, but the elbow can only be bent 90 degrees, it’s 2022 HG and I can’t understand what Bandai want. Besides that, with the design of Beguir-Beu knees, those can be bent more than 120 degrees, which is enough for some dynamic pose like char kick. The range of neck rotation is really impressive me, it can look up like a superhero’s flying pose.

– Gimmick: After the weak point, now we move on to the strong point of this kit. To be honest, it’s really surprising me with a lot of hidden things. The front skirt plate can be moved in, out, up and down, there is a small armor plate on the knee that is revealed when those are bent and the wings of backpack can be expanded and reveal details inside.

Accessories: The HG Beguir-Beu is modest with only 2 kinds of weapons:
+ X2 Bayonet (can be count as some kind of gunblade)
+ X2 Non-kinetic Pod (same like INCOM of UC)
*the steel wire that comes with it is quite weak, if you have another stiffer wire I recommend using it and the base is just small and simple, It’s like only for the funnel to use (lol)

Overall: the Beguir-Beu kit is quite good for 1 HG. Although the outside design looks villainous, it is also somehow elegant (suitable for an Ikemen character if not for villain). There are still some minus points such as some joints and base, but overall it is still a model worth experiencing with that price. Hopefully, the upgrade form of this kit Bandai will improve the outstanding limitations.

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