Review: Kotobukiya – Muv Luv Alternative Non-scale – EF-2000 Typhoon (Cerberus Battalion Type)

EF-2000 is the mainline 3rd generation TSF of the European Union. This version carries the colors of the JA44 Cerberus battalion from Muv Luv Alternative: The Euro Front and Muv Luv Alternative: Adoration. More specifically, this model kit by Kotobukiya is made according to the units of the 3 heroines of the Euro Front: Ilfriede, Helga and Luna.

– Info:
Kotobukiya – Non-scale Muv Luv Alternative – EF-2000 Typhoon (Cerberus Battalion)
Series: Muv Luv Alternative: The Euro Front
Price: 5800 yen
Release date: Jul 13, 2022 (re-release)

– Design: The design of the EF-2000 is based on the real European Eurofighter typhoon. Similarities can be easily identified through the small wings on the shoulder armor, the top of the head, the exhaust sections, and the design of the jump units. Another unique feature of the EF-2000’s design is the 2 large blades on the sides of the hands and feet because it is a melee TSF equipped with many super carbon blades throughout the body (similar to Takemikazuchi of the Imperial Royal Guards). It only carries a dominant gray tone of the Cerberus battalion.

– Build quality: Although the plastic quality of the koto is not as good as the Bandai, it can still easily handle nubs and hard-to-match parts. This kit model is very well color-separated (it can be said that it is the best compared to other TSF kit models in the same series). The face part is specially painted with all the details. Its sensor positions are all part clear blue. The details at the knee joint are completely separated. However, there are still a few small details you can paint to help it be more complete. Its water decal is mainly the logo of Cerberus battalion and the unit logo of the 3 main female characters.

– Articulation: Since it’s a non-scale model kit, its articulations are all pretty good. The large shoulder armors and the 2 side waist armors both have joints to move to help increase the range of arms and legs when posing. The waist can move forward and backward relatively well, but the rotation to the sides is still a bit limited. The knuckles can be folded almost 90 degrees making it convenient to hold weapons, especially the rather large Mk-57. The knee joint when folded can reveal details of the articulation system with armor like the MG Gundam kit.

– Gimmick: The blades on the sides of the arms can be pushed upwards to create a pose during close combat like in the visual novel. Jump units use circular joints that can move flexibly and are more similar to those in the visual novel than some other toy lines. The blade mount can be pulled forward to create a sword draw commonly seen in TSF close combat. The gun mount can be pushed backward to create a shooting stance from behind. In addition, it can be replaced with a bracket part to push the two sides of the gun forward to attack while holding a melee weapon.

– Accessories: It almost has the accessories of a Typhoon unit of Cerberus battalion:
X2 Type 82 Tactical Assault Cannon
X2 BWS-8 Flugelberte
X1 MK-57 Squadron Support Cannon
X2 Blade Mount
X2 Gun Mount
X2 Jump Unit
The Mk-57 has a rather large length of about 23cm. The barrel has a holder that helps to stabilize and adjust the angle of the gun head. Its magazine is also removable. Because it only gives 2 Type-82 guns, it is not possible to create a Gun sweeper unit with 4 guns.

-> Overall: Although it is only a re-release after nearly 10 years, this kit model is still extremely good until now. If you are a fan of Ilfriede and Muv Luv Alternative, you cannot ignore this kit model in your collection. In addition, 3 kits can also be purchased to form a squad with units of Ilfriede, Helga, and Luna respectively. I hope Koto will rerelease the model kit of the rest of the Cerberus units soon (╹ڡ╹ )


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