Kit review: Kotobukiya  – Non-scale Majestic Prince – Red 5 (Normal Edition)

Majestic Prince is hailed as one of, if not the best, 3DCG mecha series out there, which is understandable because it’s made by studio Orange. The Red 5 is the biggest eye-candy in the show – an advance ASHMB developed with alien technology. The Red 5 is basically Team Rabbit’s Red Senshi – with the ability to awaken to a super mode. A unique design with a wide range of weaponry. The Kotobukiya non-scale kit bring the unit to life – partially – as the kit has quite a bit of shortcoming despite all the pros. But Koto is literally the only company that makes this kit – so it’s already a blessing.

– Info: 
Kotobukiya  – Non-scale Majestic Prince – Red 5 (Normal Edition) 
Series: Majestic Prince 
Price: 7920 yen
Release date: Jun 2023 (re-releasse)

– Design: Red 5’s appearance reminds us of a phoenix with outstanding details such as the head, wings, and tail on the back of the hips. Its main color tones are red and white (Red Senshi from Rabbit Sentai lmao). The yellow and metallic blue details make it stand out more. When in Full Burst Mode, the wing pieces on the head, legs, 2 wings, and 2 hip tails are opened and extended to create a more luxurious feeling true to the title “Majestic Prince”. The design utilize a lot curves and the details on the head and feet really remind us of a “rabbit”.

– Build quality: In this re-release version, the plastic quality remains the same. It is quite easy to handle nubs and even metallic blue parts. However, snap-fit is still a big problem with this kit, they need to use a lot of force to fit each other, especially at the legs. The seam lines are also quite visible so you might need some epoxy and cement to fix it up.

Another minus point is that although this kit comes in many parts, it lacks a lot of color detail so you need to paint to complete it (especially its weapons). In addition, we have a small decal sheet with blue details on the shoulders and wings, but I think they are not necessary if you want to paint them.

– Articulation: As a benefit of the tight snap-fit, this kit’s joints are quite solid. This helps it to maintain poses really well. Although the shoulder armor is fixed to the armor on both sides of the body, its shoulder joint is a double joint that can be pushed up and down, making the movement of the arms not too limited. The waist joint cannot move too much but enough to pose. The joints between the hips and legs can move freely because there are no armor plates to get in the way. The wings are adequately articulated so they can move quite freely.

Another minus point of this kit is the non-foldable foot design makes it impossible to stand and must use a base (luckily, Koto includes an action base).

Gimmicks: Full Burst Mode is the best thing about this kit. In this form, Koto gives us replacement parts: Head with open hatch for an extra pair of eyes and wing details, open hatch knee armor revealing metallic blue details inside, 2 additional metallic blue wings attached to the underside The two wings, the two red wings below the hips are extended. In addition, it can also be pulled open on the top of both wings to reveal metallic blue details inside and 2 small wings under each leg. Unfortunately, we don’t have the wing effect like in the anime’s finale.

Overall, Full Burst Mode allows the Red 5 to show off its true beauty. It would be even better if you could fully paint the missing color details.

– Accessories: Since this is a normal edition version, some of its equipment is reduced compared to the final battle version released many years ago.:

+ X1 Type-89B HEP Cannon: A composite weapon that can be used as a Chainsaw, Beam Rifle, or Railgun can be mounted on one side of the arm. The saw blade is a clear transparent part, so if you want the same green color as the original, you need to paint it. The two gunheads are quite difficult to pull forward. Its two sides can open and reveal small rocket details. 

+ X2 Type-88 Swordarm Counter: 2 blades are attached to both arms (or attached to one side and use another weapon on the other side). When used, the blade will be pulled straight down the length of the arm. 

+ X2 Type-88 Beam Cannon: There are hands to hold each one but they are quite loose. The beam cannon can be used while the Swordarm is attached to the side of the arm.

In addition, because the foot structure prevents it from standing, Kotobukiya has given us a special action base to attach to the crotch armor.

–> Overall: With the 10-year anniversary of Majestic Prince , Non-scale Red 5 is a worthy kit to own if you are a fan of the series or love the impressive design of this prince. However, it lacks many color details so it still needs to be painted to be perfect. Hopefully in the future Kotobukiya will continue to make Team Rabbit’s missing units like Blue 1 or Black 6. In addition, if you want to fully explore the true potential of this kit, look for the Ceres war version with much more weaponry.