Kit review: MG 1/100 Zeta Gundam Ver.Ka

Zeta Gundam is a transformable MS developed as the symbol of A.E.U.G. capable of independent atmospheric entry and atmospheric flight when in its Waverider Form. It utilizes a Bio Sensor which engages when a Newtype is on board. The MS’s pilot is Kamille Bidan – one of the strongest Newtype pilot of the UC timeline, and also one of the most aggressive too! The Zeta ver Ka is produced as an anniversary product for the line’s 20th year – beating out other candidates such as the G-Self.

– Info: 
MG 1/100 Zeta Gundam Ver.Ka   
Series: Gundam Zeta 
Price: 7150 yen
Release date: Apr 29, 2023
Get your own MG Zeta Ver.Ka here:

– Design: Although it is an MG Ver. Ka model, the interior of this kit is made quite similar to the version in the anime. The mechanical details on the surface isn’t very detailed, but they still stand out with small yellow and metallic gray parts. The silhouette of this kit is slightly thinner than the previous MG – mostly because it is a Ver Ka retooling since Katoki loves making things sleek and thin. Surprisingly, the legs to torso ratio on this kit isn’t too disproportionate, mainly because of the transformation.

The chest armor is the highlight makes the most obvious difference here, it is pushed down closer to the body along with the 2 small wings. You can still push them higher to maintain balance, although not by much.

The two wings on the back are also made smaller to create a balance for the MS form. However, this affects the Wave Rider form a lot (read more on gimmick 1).

– Build quality: Excellent quality plastic makes handling nubs easy. Although the exterior design resembles the anime, the internal structure of this kit is still dense with a lot of special parts on the legs. It has exceptional color separation even down to the smallest details. Especially the v-fin part on the top of the head can choose to use a fixed type or a split type to be able to fold when transform (recommend using a separate type).

– Articulation: One of the advantages of the anime-like exterior is the ability to pose extremely well. Together with the dense joint structure, Zeta Ver.Ka can reproduce movements realistically. The belly armor can be pushed up a bit to help the waist move better.

The shoulder armor is divided into separate movable parts making it unrestricted when switching arms. Since the Zeta has a shield joint on the back of the arm, it has to be rotated at a 90-degree angle. However, the elbow has a small joint that allows it to move forward with the hand (this is a big plus to help MS form better when using the shield).

The armor parts at the hip are designed with flexible joints to help the legs not get entangled. The joints in the legs can also be flexed quite deeply. However, the joint of the foot is a bit limited, so it does not touch all the contact surfaces if moving the foot at a wide angle.

– Gimmicks: As a MG Ver.Ka kit, this guy has quite a few interesting gimmicks: 

1. We will have to mention the ability to transform – the most special feature that makes the Zeta Gundam. Its full transform mechanism is relatively complex and extremely robust due to its dense structure. Thanks to that, it does not need to use the part-form mechanism (see the brief illustration below). However, its biggest disadvantage is that the wing instead of lying horizontally, is made at a diagonal angle. Not only that, the wing parts can’t stick to the shield (the front part of the plane) creating a large gap that makes its overall structure relatively strange. This is probably a huge limitation of this kit even though it’s pretty close to the original line art

2. The landing gear can be pulled from the wing and shield to help it land in wave rider form. However, due to the heavy body structure, they cannot hold the entire body for a long time.

3. The bottom forearms can be opened to reveal the Grenade Launcher inside.
Both sides of the side armor can be opened up and attached to the beam saber when not in use

4. The rear Long Tail Stabilizer part can be pushed up when flying. Both wings in the Flying Armor can be pulled out to expand.

5. The magazine of the beam rifle can be separated

– Accessories:   Almost all accessories of Zeta Gundam are available: 
+ X1 Beam Rifle 
+ X1 Shield 
+ X2 Beam Saber 
+ X2 Grenade Launcher 

In addition, there are pairs of interchangeable hands. One thing missing in this kit is Bandai doesn’t give it a Hyper Mega Launcher. Bandai may sell a version of the Zeta Gundam Hyper-Mega Launcher Spec that has it in the form of a P-Bandai version.

–> Overall: MG Zeta Gundam Ver.Ka is a kit with a new style close to the anime of Katoki-sensei. It is worth a Gundam kit if you like this new style and want an MG kit with a special structure. Hopefully, Bandai will make more versions of Zeta Project with this based kit like Amuro’s Unit 3 or Wave Shooter Equipment Type. And please, we need Hyper Mega Launcher ლ(¯ロ¯”ლ)