Mecha Profile: MAILeS Jogan Kai – Kyoukai Senki

After seemingly defeat Ghost and lost Amou and Gai, Gashin still kept on fighting, but this time not for vengeance but for the wish that his friend left behind. Before the all-out war against the NAC begin, Gashin felt the need to up his game after seeing Amou’s incredible strength. And the upgraded Jogan Kai was born.

I. History:
– After the establishment of the NJCO (New Japan Cooperation Organization), the NAC (North America Confederation) decided to stage an assassination attempt against their own politician to have an excuse to attack New Japan. There was little to nothing anyone can do to stop the impending conflict.

– Thankfully, after rejoining with Yatagarasu, Misuzu and the Tryvecta staff has been hard at work upgrading the Jogan and Reiki to match Kenbu. The Jogan finished being renovated just in time to intercept the NAC’s advance attack on Western Kyushu – which is the Asian territory

– The Gashin and Kei with the newly upgraded Jogan Kai successfully intercepted the NAC army, forcing them to halt their advance. The MAILeS later joined the war against the NAC.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:

– The Jogan Kai is – rather than a rebuilt like the Kenbu Zan – is more of an upgraded (just like the name “Kai” implied), which is why its unit code is YM-01C instead of an all-new one. The Jogan Kai’s overall specs were improved along with new equipment. The extra armor increases the unit’s weight from 9.9-ton to a whooping 12.7-ton, while only slightly increases its height from 10.7-meter to 11. This makes this MAILeS the heaviest unit out of the three upgraded MAILeSes.

– The Jogan Kai’s armor was updated, its durability and joint-structure are enhanced to withstand heavy recoil from its improved firepower. The back-skirt support mechanism is also greatly improved. Due to these modifications, the maneuverability of the unit slightly decreases, however, despite the increase in bulk, its overall maximum speed was higher than the old version, enabling it to move swiftly through the battlefield.

– The Jogan’s new weapon is an AMAIM-sized shield integrated with a gatling gun. The 45mm Rotary Armor Machine Cannon is a high-caliber gun capable of firing 60 rounds per second. It is combined with a large shield that is extremely durable. The bullets are belt-fed through a magazine drum attached to the back of the unit. Due to the extreme weight of this weapon and its limited ammunition, the weapon is usually discarded after use. Attached behind the shield is also a pair of 40mm Portable Short Autocannon that the Jogan can dual-wield to engage in mid-to-close combat.

– The gatling gun essentially turns the Jogan Kai into a movable turret, but it still retain its sniping ability. While not using the Gatling shield, the Jogan is fully capable of using its 120mm Sniper Cannon to pick off enemy from afar just like its original model. The Jogan is definitely a unit that is focused on ranged combat rather than melee, and with the ability to rapidly change vantage point, it poses a threat level several that of normal tanks.

III. Gallery:

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