Mecha Profile: Megaton-Class Rogue Musashi X – Megaton-kyuu Musashi

Every hero needs an upgrade – and the Musashi is no exception. After many hard fought battles, the enemy was getting more and more powerful, and the battle even move to space! It is high time that the main heroes receive an update of their own – and they got exactly what they need: a total overhaul of their first Megaton-class Musashi. The successor to the Musashi is another bonafide Super Robot: the Musashi X(Cross)!

I. History:
– After arriving at Sanctuary, the Ixia team was able to visited the Rogue factory and was shown the new combining Megaton-class – the Musashi X – in separate hangars. The unit was split into three parts housed in three different locations across the base. They also met with the creator of the Rogues – professor Ryusei Haruma.

– General Dixenberg of Sanctuary later staged a coup – assassinating and imprisoning other leaders to steal the Ame no Murakumo – an advanced state-of-the-art space battleship, for himself. He took Margaret – commander of the Ixia – hostage and set off into space with the ship. Professor Ryusei then revealed the space battleship Ixion – and commanded the Ixia crew to chase after the the Ame no Murakumo. All the Rogues accompany Ixion, except Yamato, Teru and Ryuugo who stayed behind.

– The main pilot trio – who was Musashi’s original pilot – got into the three components of the Musashi X and launched from base. They flew to space and performed a Sky Build sequence in the midst of battle, and proceeded to wreck havoc within the enemy’s rank. Despite being met with fierce opposition from the Yoshitsune- a powerful Megaton-class who was under the control of Dixenberg – they managed to infiltrate the Ame no Murakumo’s core.

– When in there, they defeated the Yoshitsune by convincing its pilot to break free from Dixenberg’s mind control. Yamato decided to sacrifice himself to blow up the ship. The Musashi X then escaped with Teru, Yamato and Kojiro (pilot of the Yoshitsune).

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– The Musashi X is basically the Musashi but with every aspect upgraded and enhanced. The unit is made up of three components, but instead of a numbering system, they are called by separate names: Sword, Lance and Axe. Each components is a fighter jet capable of breaking the atmosphere after being launched from a railgun launcher. Yamato pilots the Sword – which form the chest, backpack and head, Teru pilot the Lance – forming the arms and abdomen, and finally Ryugo pilot the Axe – forming the hips and legs.

– The three crafts also have protective measures to protect themselves during the Sky Build sequence called “Laser Shield”. While durable, it will not last forever, but it is plenty to allow the experienced pilots to combine successfully. There are also modules on Lance and Axe to form the Sword and Shield of the Musashi X.

– Due to its short screentime, the Musashi X only has basic equipments, which are the Kusanagi Sword, the Diver Shield and a Beam Blaster. The Kusanagi is extremely sharp with a super-heated blade and can cut through enemy’s unit with ease. The Diver Shield is also very durable since it can withstand a lot of damage from the Yoshitsune. The Beam Blaster is pretty much a slightly enhanced gun frequently used by Megaton-classes. The gun can split into 2 halves and stored on the Musashi X’s hips. The Musashi also has a special mechanism that empower itself using the pilots’ fighting spirit.

– Just like other Megaton-classes, the Musashi X can also perform Kabuki Functions. The only one it used in the anime is the Cross Zern Blaster – where it materializes a giant rotating cannon from its back and unleash a devastating blast using Tachyon Particles. The blast is strong enough to penetrate the super-alloy wall of the Ame no Murakumo.

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