Mecha Character Profile: Apollo – Sousei no Aquarion

Hot-blooded Super Robot pilots might seem a little outdated during the 2000s era where mostly the main hero would look cooler-toned and more of a sweet looking but not for Apollo. He has shown that even in a deep romantic love and war story such as Genesis of Aquarion, a hot-blooded hero can live on and carry the classic legacy throughout the era!

I. Background:
– Apollo is the main protagonist of the anime, Genesis of Aquarion. He is an animalistic person who normally lives in a forest, he is an orphan according to the anime version but a forest child in an OVA where he lived with his grandfather there. However even though he has quite a ferocious nature, he also has quite a caring side especially with his love interest – Silvia de Alisia which she and her friend – Pierre first met Apollo in Arc City during their expedition to find the Solar Wing power user. 

– Apollo isn’t his original name at first but his childhood friend – Baron named him after the Greek god Apollo during the final days of winter where Apollo was floating above the freezing lake water and the sun was bathing around his frame, much like when the god Apollo was born in the middle of the lake. 

– Apollo is believed to be one of the reincarnation of Pollon – a pet dog of Apollonius. He helped Apollonius who rebelled against its own kind when he fell in love with a human female warrior named Celiane twelve thousand years ago. He also possesses one of the Element powers called “Solar Wings” which is used to pilot the lead Aquarion machine – the Vector Sol which can combine with the other two Mars and Luna Vector to form Solar Aquarion.

– During the first fight with the Shadow Angels, Apollo awakened his Element powers – the Solar Wing through the pain he felt from the Cherubim attacking his home and was able to pilot the Vector Sol and combined with the other two to become the Solar Aquarion. After that fight, Fudou Gen – the leader of DEAVA ( Division of EArth Vitalization Advancement ) organization that is responsible for excavating and putting the three Aquarion machines on research to use them against the Shadow Angels convinced Apollo to join their ranks and fight for humanity’s survival and at the time he is only 13 years old. 

II. Skills & Abilities:
– Apollo is basically a tarzan-like child, he does not act or behave like a modern citizen as much as his friends. He has great survival skills such as hunting for food and crafting basic tools or shelter. When he joined DEAVA his skills at piloting the Solar Aquarion are also very formidable yet also wild and able to unleash his Element power to increase the mech’s fighting ability as well. 

– Apollo is actually guided by Apollonius’s soul during his first fight so he learned how to pilot his Vector Sol through that way. Though it may be his first battle with one of the Cherubim Soldiers he was able to use his strong will to awaken his Solar Wing and combined with the other two Vectors – becoming the ultimate fighting robot, Solar Aquarion. His wild melee fighting style is also derived from his past life. After several eccentric “training sessions” with Fudou, Apollo became a powerful Aquarion pilot in his own rights. 

– The Solar Wing is also Apollonius’s power that Apollo carried with when he was born. The Solar Wings were what led others to think he is the reincarnation of Apollonius, but the events in Aquarion EVOL has revealed that he was indeed the reincarnation of Pollon – Apollonius’ pet who also fell in love with Celiane – which explains Apollo’s animalistic tendency and his affection for Silvia. 

– Apollo is definitely not a guy that can do romantic things, he treated Silvia – his love interest as more of a best friend. However he also shows his caring and sweet side when Silvia is feeling bad or falls in danger. He also kissed Silvia before leaving her and sacrificing himself to save the Earth, telling her that they will meet again in the next 12,000 years which referred to Apollonius and Celiane in the past, the power of his love for Earth and Silvia sparked his true abilities at that point.

III. Gallery:

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