Mecha Profile: Gundam Age – Gundam AGE-2

After the first Gundam became a legend on the battlefield, Flit Asuno – the Age-1 developer and pilot – spent even more effort into creating a better, faster, stronger Gundam, all for his vengeance against the Vagan. He even stooped to the point of manipulating his son into becoming a Gundam pilot. While Asemu Asuno is just a regular human with no special genetic power, he still dominates the battlefield with his amazing skills and the Gundam, which is much more powerful and versatile than even the Age-1: the Age-2 Gundam.

I. History:
  – After the battle of Ambat, the Vagan advance force was pushed back, and their plans fell apart, while the Diva crew were all commended – especially Flit. He became a full-career military commander and was assigned to command the Big Ring. Flit also married Emily Amonde and gave birth to Asemu Asuno and Unoa Asuno – the former soon to become the pilot of the Age-2. Flit was also the lead developer of the Gundam Age-2, and he handed it to Asemu – his son, who also happened to be in the Mobile Suit club in school and has been piloting the Age-1 for a while.

 – Under Woolf’s guidance, Asemu has refined his skills to the point that Flit deemed him worthy of the Age-2. During his first sortie, he managed to fight off the Vagan force quite easily. However, when the Vagan began deploying elite forces, Asemu had trouble dealing with them since his X-Rounder ability was non-existent, even with the Age-2 Gundam’s superior performance and mobility. Asemu developed an inferiority complex where he constantly compared himself with Flit and Woolf, and with his crush Romary thinking about Zeheart – a Vagan enemy – Asemu was struggling to rise to the challenge.

 – After an encounter with Zeheart in person, Asemu pursued him in the Age-2 Normal but was attacked by the Magician 8 – Zeheart’s direct subordinates. Thanks to the Age-2 new upgrade – the Double Bullet, he managed to fight them off easily. It was then that he became determined to fight this war – even if he had to go up against his once-best friend.

 – The Vagan then decided to launch an all-out attack on the Nortrum colony. During its defence, the Age-2 and Woolf Team joined the war effort. However, Desil – who held a grudge against Flit and the Gundam, attacked and took Woolf’s life, which triggered Asemu’s anger. He finally realised that he didn’t need the X-Rounder or any special ability and just had better skills than anyone else. Pained and grieving, He single-handedly destroyed the Vagan’s X-Rounder pilots and finally finished off Desil once and for all.

– After realising that the Vagan’s aim was to take over Notrum. When their plan was thwarted, the Vagan commander decided to hurl their mobile fortress onto Earth – planning to deal as much damage as possible, even if it was against Vagan’s ultimate goal. Asemu in Age-2 and Zeheart made an unexpected truce and destroyed the fortress’s core together, preventing it from dropping on the planet. Afterwards, both sides retreated from battle.

– Sometime later, Asemu was promoted to captain of the special forces – and he painted his Age-2 Gundam white to honour Woolf. Later on, Asemu married Rosemary and had a son named Kio. But their time together wasn’t long, as soon after, Asemu went missing during a mission to search for a missing warship. During the mission, Asemu fought against the Sid – a large Mobile Armor from the Colony Nations War. The Age-2 was severely damaged, and he was saved by the Bisidian space pirates. The Earth Federal Forces arrived later but only recovered the AGE Device and the Age-2 core. Asemu was declared MIA.

 – Sometime after, Asemu became captain of the Bisidian pirates. Having known the threat of Sid and the EXA DB, which could lead to a terrible war, he wanted to become a deterrent to stop both the Earth Alliance and the Vagan from getting their hands on the EXA DB. A new Age-2 was built using scrap from the damaged Gundam, and it was called the Age-2 Dark Hound. Asemu – now Captain Ash – conducted operations that hindered everyone’s quest to obtain the EXA DB. With his skills, the Dark Hound became a formidable unit whenever it joined combat.

– Having learned that the Federation will attack La Gramis – the Vagan final stronghold, Asemu set course for the battle. On the way, he encountered the Gundam Legillis piloted by Zeheart fighting against Sid. The Age-2 Dark Hound joined the battle along with the Legillis and was able to damage Sid, creating an opportunity for the Bisidian Pirate to destroy the asteroid that housed the EXA DB.

– During the battle of La Gramis, all 3 AGE Gundams were fighting alongside each other. In the Dark Hound, Asemu provided support for his son Kio, who was in the Age-FX. The Vagan’s commander at the time was Zeheart, who had just lost his precious subordinates and sortied to meet Asemu in battle. The Age-2 and Asemu managed to out-maneuver the Legillis and defeated him in battle. The battle ended with the Earth Federation’s victory.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– The Age-2 Gundam is a direct successor of the Age-1 with many upgrades. It stands at 18.6 meters – slightly taller than the Age-1 1 yet is significantly lighter at 28.7 tons. It has the same blue, red, and yellow colour scheme on the body and white on the limbs, like the Age-1. The Age-Device is located in the chest, just like its predecessor.

– The Age-2 new mechanism is the Strider Mode – which is a reference to the Zeta Gundam’s Waverider mode. The Age-2 can transform into a High-Mobility Flight Mode with amazing speed. On both shoulders are 4 blade wings that act as stabilizers. The wings form an X-shape during Strider Mode. The beam rifle is mounted on the front and can fire during flight.

– The Age-2’s weapons are basically straight upgrades from the Age-1. The Hyper DODS Rifle is twice as powerful as your regular DODS Rifle and can penetrate two mobile suits in one shot. This weapon was also used to develop the DODS Lancer seen on the Age-2 Dark Hound. The DODS Lancer is just a modified Hyper DODS Rifle with a lance tip for melee combat.

– The Age-2 also has 2 variable beam sabers stored on the back skirt.

– Due to the focus on hypermobility, the Age-2’s shield is relatively small and is only slightly larger than its forearm. Asemu usually dodges attacks or parries them with the beam sabers.

Age-2 Normal
Age-2DB Double Bullet
Age-2DH Dark Hound
AGE-2 Normal SP Ver

– The Age-2 Double Bullet is the first Wear System upgrade for the Age-2 from the Age Device. While the legs are pretty much the same with the addition of only small missile pods, the 4 wing binders are replaced with the new module that mounts the large beam sabers and Twin DODS Cannon on the shoulders. The DODS Cannons can be removed for dual-wielding, and after the guns are removed, the wing binder can unleash large and extremely powerful beam sabers that can cut through Vagan armour easily. The Double Bullet allows the Age-2 to engage multiple enemies at once.

– The Age-2 Dark Hound isn’t a Wear System produced by the AGE Device but was retrofitted from spare parts from the Age-2 Normal by Madorna Workshop. The Age-2 Dark Hound has a pirate motif with a pirate hat, a skull-like headrest and an eye patch. The eye patch is actually a special mechanism called the Flash Eye – which emits a blinding light when activated to distract the enemy. The Gundam is also painted black.

– The Age-2 Dark Hound replaced the shoulder binders with new binders with Anchors on them. Both anchors can be launched to latch onto enemies or restrain them. The Dark Hound’s DODS Lancer can be both a melee and a ranged weapon. The Dark Hound has another special ability, which is the Hyper Boost – where its Strider mode outputs massive thrust to gain extreme speed. It is enough to tow two other mobile suits along with it at high speed.
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