Mecha Profile: Megaton-Class Rogue Gaudia/Gaudia Armored – Megaton-kyuu Musashi

The biggest and roughest characters are always the the most kind-hearted and gentle souls. Ryugo Hijikata is no exception. He’s a big buff delinquent that isn’t afraid to talk with his fists, but deep down he’s a gentle and emotional guy. After leaving the Musashi to Yamato, he went on to pilot his own Megaton-class Rogue that is the personification of himself: the Gaudia.

I. History:
– After being selected as Rogue pilot, Ryugo along with Yamato and Teru was piloting the Musashi together. However, as Ixia plan to embark on a risky journey, they need all the Megatons they can get. Teru and Ryuugo then get their own Rogue to protect Ixia while it attempt to take off. The team managed to protect Ixia safely.

– During Ixia journey, the Gaudia was upgraded into the Gaudia Armored – with a noticeably bulkier look. Ryugo used the Gaudia all the way until the Ixia crew reached Sanctuary. There, due to Dixenberg’s betrayal, they needed to use the Musashi X, and Yamato, Teru and Ryugo returned to piloting a single unit together. The Gaudia hasn’t been used since, presumably retired to the hangar for more retrofit like the Musashi.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– The Gaudia is a Megaton-class Rogue with extremely high defense and raw strength. It uses a gear-based mechanism to achieve high raw power. Along with increased armor thickness, the Gaudia arms and legs are also constructed with airtight armor to increase its defense. In exchange, the unit’s speed isn’t as high as other Megaton-classes. Its design and color-scheme remind viewers of a construction vehicle.

– The Gaudia mainly uses melee weapon in its normal configuration. It can equip a drill or a pickax on one of its arms. Its punches contain Antimatter Pulse Cartridges that increase its ability to pierce through Dracter armor. The Gaudia’s fighting style is very similar to a brawler/wrestler which is also Ryugo’s real fighting style. It prefers to punch, throw and charge at the enemy to take advantage of its durable armor. Even so, it can also use the Pile Gatling – a nailgun-ish weapon that shoot plasma projectiles.

– The Gaudia also has a transformation gimmick, which is quite unique since no other Megaton Rogues has such a thing. The Gaudia can transform into the Gaudia Gunnered, where it changes into a tank-like mech like the Getter-3. This form also materializes many range weapons such as Light Cannon, Gatling Gun, Long Range Hydropramper, etc… This turns the Gaudia into an artillery platform that can unleash high firepower at all range.

– Just like other Megaton-classes, the Sparkman can perform special attack sequences. The Gaudia can use the Dodekaron Drive – where it surround itself in fiery energy and perform a body slam against the opponents, causing them to implode from the inside out. Another special sequence is Backdraft – where it unleashes a heatwave from its body to destroy enemies in an area around him. It was used in conjunction with Sparkman’s Spark Rain Fence to trap the enemy.

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