Mecha Character Profile: Paptimus Scirocco – Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta

A villain mastermind antagonist is a classic, only a few would be able to catch up quick enough to stop their ultimate goal. In realistic war anime like Gundam, such a villain exists too whose name goes by Paptimus Scirocco, a ruthless yet genius one.

I. Background:
– Paptimus Scirocco is an intelligent person that worked for Earth Federation’s Jupiter Energy Fleet. At the time he was in service and stationed around planet Jupiter, he created many of his own cutting edge mobile suits suitable for traversing near Jupiter’s orbit. He is also a Newtype meaning that he has telepathic abilities which are also very strong compared to other known Newtypes at the time, combining with his great leadership and intel gathering skills, he became popular among the Titans – Earth Federation’s elite individual unit. He also owns a ship named Jupitris as his flagship that came with him from Jupiter.    

– At the middle of the Gryps War in U.C. 0088, Scirocco already traveled back from Jupiter and entered combat attacking Anti-Earth Union Group or AEUG’s Argama assault carrier by using his mobile armor, PMX-000 Messala. Although he did not fully engage them as he wanted to observe the capabilities of the fleet, Kamille Bidan — the protagonist and the famous Captain Bright Noa from One Year War were also there.      

– During this war, Scirocco already pledged loyalty to Titans confirmed by its leader — Jamitov Hymen so Scirocco quickly gained access to higher ranks among the officers there. He even gathered a woman — Reccoa Londe who defected from AEUG and joined his unit too. He even temporarily allied with the crumbling Axis Zeon but then was intercepted by one of its elite — Haman Karn. Scirocco then performed a coup d’etat by eliminating other Titans’ elites and leaders then completely took over control of the unit itself since he always planned for world domination after the conflict. However during his battle at the final moments of Grpys War piloting one of his strongest main mobile suits, The O, he encountered Kaimille Bidan in his Zeta Gundam and got killed but his mind power also critically crippled Kamille too.         

II. Skills & Abilities:
– Paptimus Scirocco is a very intelligent and charismatic person but somewhat ruthless and arrogant. He always thought of himself as greater than others and had an ambitious plan to conquer the whole world and change them such as when he was successful in taking control of Titans over their leaders by eliminating them secretly in a coup d’etat. 

– He is also very popular among his men and in Earth Federation’s Jupiter Energy Fleet because of his skills in leadership and piloting mobile suits. He is a careful strategist that always comes on top when it’s about fighting in a war both on his own and when he is the one commanding. He gained a nickname as “The Man from Jupiter”.    

– Scirocco is also a Newtype — a very strong one. Not only does he have strong telepathic powers but he is also able to spread his influence towards others too especially to women such as the time where Roccoa defected AEUG to Titans, he used his power to make her under his command similar to mind controlling, he also used her and other women as chess pieces to monitor his plans, some of them are disposable for him. This made him quite an evil tiger for women, when he was dying, Kamille even insulted him that he should die along with the women he used.  

–  One of the most recognizable things about Scirocco is that he created his own mobile suits, a handful of them. PMX-000 Messala mobile armor was his first then PMX-001 Palace Athene as the second and PMX-002 Bolinoak Sammahn as the third then PMX-003 The O as the fourth which is his main mobile suit. He is a genius creator, most of his designs were influenced by the strong gravitational pull of planet Jupiter so his mobile suits are mostly big sizes and thick shapes. He also has an unused mobile suit too — PMX-004 Titania which he was planning to use as a mobile suit for the queen of Earth that he chose after he conquered the world — if that would happen at all.       

III. Gallery:

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