Mecha Profile: Gundam ZZ – Qubeley

Menacing villain mechs can always intimidate us in various ways. In the UC Gundam series, people may mostly recognize Zeon for its mass-produced mobile suits—the one-eyed Zaku—but there are also specialized mobile suits more powerful than those—such as the Qubeley, the first mobile suit made for telepathic abilities—for the queen of Neo Zeon herself.      

I. History:

  – AMX-004 Qubeley is a next-generation mobile suit built by the Principality of Zeon based on the older model of a larger mobile armour – the MAN-08 Elmeth, which is the first mobile armour that was built specifically for a Newtype pilot to use their telepathic powers for its Psycommu System by handling remote-controlled weapons – the large “bits” by using their brainwaves. Qubeley was also made specifically for Newtype use with its special weapon – the funnels; only one variant was built.   

– The Qubeley saw its first combat in the Gryps War, piloted by the Axis leader – Haman Karn, who is also a very powerful Newtype woman who skillfully used the mobile suit easily outmatching even the most capable pilot of the Anti-Earth Union Group – Quattro Bajeena in his Hyaku-Shiki thanks to its special weapon – the funnels which serves as its main weapon. Qubeley would also serve as Haman’s personal mobile suit up until the First Neo Zeon War, where she mostly encountered one of the AEUG top aces – Judau Ashta, in his ZZ Gundam.

In the last battle between Judau and her, Haman’s Qubeley ended up in a draw with Judau’s ZZ since her mobile suit was heavily disabled at the point. Instead of surrendering to Judau, she flew her Qubeley away, ending her life and crashing it into a large asteroid, destroying it in the process.     

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:

– The AMX-004 Qubeley is a next-generation mobile suit built by the Principality of Zeon featuring many new innovations and technologies, making it a very advanced type of mobile suit at the time of the Gryps War. With data gathered from earlier mobile suits such as its prototype – the AMX-001, and a heavily modified Rick Dom – the MS-09R4 Schnee Weiss, the Qubeley is specifically made for Newtype-use thanks to the first-of-its-kind mobile suit-sized Psycommu System that allows the Newtype pilot to use 10 of its remote-controlled weapons – the funnels which move around the Qubeley, shooting small beam particles at targets depending on the user’s command, the funnels also need to recharge when kept in the mobile suit for a certain amount of time after their use as well.     

The Qubeley also has quite a high mobility despite its bulky appearance. Its AMBAC—Active Mass Balance Auto Control system is assisted by its 4 large movable shoulder binders, 2 on each side. These large binders also contain Qubeley’s main thrusters. However, due to the design itself, the Qubeley cannot fully move its legs and arms in full motion as a trade-off. 

– Instead of Zeon’s traditional mono-eye sensor, the Qubeley used a dual-type optical sensor on its head instead, becoming the first mobile suit of Zeon to use such. 

– For the weapons, Qubeley doesn’t have as much as some but still as deadly, its forearms contain a dual-purpose beam weapon, they can either be a pair of forearm-mounted beam guns or a pair of beam saber that will be carried by hands instead. Its armor on the rear has a space that contains 10 funnels altogether in a single spot, they will all fly out of the rear when used. These funnels can either act as a defensive or offensive small beam weapon depending on the pilot’s brainwave commands, but since the funnels are small and each only has a single energy capacitor, they always need to be recharged at the rear after some time of use.    

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