Mecha Character Profile: Takeru Shirogane – Muv-Luv Alternative

As a mecha and tokusatsu fan, being able to experience piloting a giant robot is our lifelong dream. However, when that dream becomes reality for Takeru Shirogane, he finds himself in an endless nightmare of war and death. An ordinary teenage boy who was pulled into a world amidst an alien invasion – and humanity is strapped for time. Lucky for them, the new saviour is a certified gamer!

I. Background:
– Takeru Shirogane used to be an ordinary high school student in Japan. He spends his days frolicking around with his harem: a childhood tsundere friend, a rich ojou-sama with zero common sense, a cat-like loli, a strict class representative, and a kuudere, completed with 2 mature female teachers. He is the classic protagonist of a dating sim harem. However, all of that soon changes on the 22nd of October when he is transported to Japan in another world.

-Takeru suddenly woke up and found himself in his house – except this entire neighbourhood had been completely destroyed. He found out that this world is at war with an alien species – and the humans of this world pilot giant robots called Tactical Surface Fighter – TSF – to combat these threats. Here, he meets an alternate version of his friends, who are all training to become TSF pilots. A normal teenage boy thrown into an environment with strict military regulations, Takeru struggled to find his purpose and fit into his team.

-With the help of his former teacher Yuuko – now Vice Commander of the base he was staying at, Takeru resolved to find a way to return to his original world. To do so, he had to fit into the team, and that meant training along with the girls. He struggled physically and mentally to become a part of the team. Still, eventually, he became a valuable member of the squad. After passing the Combat Assessment, Takeru and his team were chosen to become TSF pilots, and he shocked everyone with how great he performed – by utilising his video game skills from his previous world.

-However, he has yet to find a way back to his original world. He was only deployed into battle 2 years later when humanity decided to abandon the Earth. He stayed back and fought but was subsequently killed in the battle. But then…

-Takeru suddenly woke up and found himself in his house – except this entire neighbourhood had been completely destroyed – just like what he remembered from the last time. He realises he has been caught in a cruel time loop and is determined to break out from the cycle. But what awaits him is a war full of pain and death in a multiverse of agony.

II. Skills & Abilities:
– Takeru Shirogane used to be an ordinary teenager with above-average hand-eye coordination – as mentioned through his gaming skills. His physique is also average, but after being transported to the BETA world, he joined the United Nations TSF training school and became much more fit. After intense training, he can run 10 kilometres easily with the superb endurance and strength of a trained soldier.
– Takeru’s skill especially shines with TSF piloting. He has excellent spatial awareness and does not suffer from motion sickness like his peers – primarily thanks to him playing a mecha action arcade back in his original world – Valgern-On. His knowledge and skill from playing video games also help him excel in giant robot piloting. Furthermore, he noticed the clunkiness of the Tactical Surface Fighters in general due to the limitation of the OS, so he proposed to Dr. Kouzuki – Vice Commander of the Yokohama Base – to improve the piloting gimmicks of the TSF. As a result, the new XM3 operating system was born and was regarded as a revolution for humanity.
– Takeru specialises in mobility when piloting. He can run circles around the enemy and is proficient in gun and sword combat. Even when he has to take on hundreds of BETA in different classes at a time, he didn’t even take one hit while using the XM3 – the OS that he spearheaded. During the first time in real combat, he suffered from anxiety and PTSD. Still, after a placebo hypnotism treatment, he was able to pilot normally. After that, he became one of the best TSF pilots of humanity.
– Despite Takeru’s TSF piloting and combat proficiency, he isn’t a good tactician. However, he has very good battlefield instincts. He’ll get the job done as long as he knows what to do. His squadmates are usually the ones to come up with a strategy, and Takeru is the one to execute them. Even so, he is the pillar of support for his team – with the girls relying on him standing strong to pull through. He is steadfast and determined due to not experiencing actual bloodshed in war, which inspires his teammates. However, after some suffering, his mental broke down, but after some time, he managed to stand back up again with the help and support of his friends.
– He’s a harem protagonist, so despite exceptional combat skills, he’s a clueless and oblivious guy regarding love and a girl’s feelings.

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