Mecha Profile: Megaton-Class Rogue Sparkman/Sparkman Wave – Megaton-kyuu Musashi

After piloting the Musashi to great success, Teru and Ryuugo each moved on to their own Megaton-class due to the shortage of units and the relentless attacks from the Dracters. The engineers and mechanics of Ixia worked day and night to build Teru’s Megaton-class for the crucial battle. And Teru with a burning reason to protect Ixia now has a chance to protect his loved ones with his own hands. In comes the electrifying Megaton-class Rogue: the Sparkman!

I. History:
– After being selected as Rogue pilot, Teru along with Yamato and Ryuugo was piloting the Musashi together. However, as Ixia plan to embark on a risky journey, they need all the Megatons they can get. Teru and Ryuugo then get their own Rogue to protect Ixia while it attempt to take off. The team managed to protect Ixia safely.

– During Ixia journey, the Sparkman was upgraded into the Sparkman Wave – with a very different look. Teru used the Sparkman all the way until the Ixia crew reached Sanctuary. There was also a battle to protect the Ixia from a surprise Dracter attack where Shizuka – another Rogue pilot – used the Sparkman Wave.

– There, due to Dixenberg’s betrayal, they needed to use the Musashi X, and Yamato, Teru and Ryuugo returned to piloting a single unit together. The Sparkman Wave hasn’t been used since, presumably retired to the hangar for more retrofit like the Musashi.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– The Sparkman is a Megaton-class Rogue that harnesses the power of electricity. It uses Hydroturbine Electrical Furnace Generators to weaponize super high pressure electrical energy. The Sparkman’s head has a visor instead of pupiled-eyes like the Musashi, Maximus or Arthur. Its overall color-scheme is blue and white, fitting for the blue electric attacks.

– The Sparkman uses a Electric Stun Gun to fight. It uses the electric power from its generators to unleash powerful projectiles. When upgraded to the Sparkman Wave, it gains an Electric Lance that can unleash powerful electrical currents onto its enemies. Shizuka used the Lance to conduct electricity through water to electrocute the Dracter units.

– The Sparkman can also equip the Multi Missile Pods like the Maximus. It can use a variety of missile types such as Electro missiles where the ammunition don’t destroy the enemies but instead trap them in place using an electrical net. For mobility, the unit can equip the Eagle Booster – 2 propulsion units that help the Sparkman fly freely.

– Just like other Megaton-classes, the Sparkman can perform special attack sequences, such as the Spark Blast. It is the Sparkman’s version of the Megaton Punch where it charges up power on its arm and discharge the Electricity towards the enemy. It also has an AoE control sequence called Spark Rain Fence where it emits paralyzing rays in a dome to lock enemies in place.

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