Mecha Character Profile: Zeheart Galette – Mobile Suit Gundam AGE

Char clones in Gundam is a constance of every series in the franchise: a charismatic masked character that has a complex psyche and absolutely mad skills (and 95% of the time is a blonde). However, Gundam Age’s masked antagonist is a different breed than the others. While still having the core characteristics of the Red Comet, Zeheart Galette has a spirit unlike any other.

I. Background:
– It is unclear when Zeheart was born, since he was seen in cryogenic sleep for unspecified amount of time. But in A.G 140, he was stated to be 14 years old then. He is a Vagan (which are just human descendant of the Mars Sphere people) and is extremely loyal to Vagan’s leader: Ezelcant. After waking up from cold sleep, he was sent to the colony Tordia to infiltrate it and look for the Gundam’s hiding place. As he was a teenager, his cover was a student at the school Asemu Asuno was attending.

– Zeheart soon made friends with Asemu and Romary, forming a friendly rivalry with Asemu. But that didn’t last long when the Federation soldiers came to arrest Zeheart on suspicion of being a Vagan spy. Despite his comrade’s interference that shift the focus off of him, Zeheart knew that his school days were over. He quickly boarded his mobile suit and engaged in battle with the Age-1 Gundam – which Asemu was piloting. At the end of the battle, Zeheart revealed his identity to Asemu and Romary – which shocked them both. He then left to return to the Vagan base.

– Zeheart then got promoted to the Commander title, becoming the leader of the Earth Occupation Force. At this time, Desil – who was in cold sleep and is also Zeheart’s brother – woke up. He was angry that Zeheart is now higher ranked than him. After Zeheart’s clash with Asemu and his Gundam, Desil threatened to report Zeheart’s action to Ezelcant because he let the Gundam escape. Zeheart paid no attention to Desil’s threat since he was more concerned about Asemu’s involvement in the war, as deep down inside, Zeheart still care about his former friends.

– Zeheart then received orders to attack the Earth Federation Defense Base – Big Ring. Even though his machine was superior and his X-Rounder squad were doing decently, Zeheart and the Vagan force were pushed back thanks to Flit’s amazing prowess. The Vagan force were pushed back. After the defeat at Big Ring, Zeheart received info that Asemu and the Diva was heading to Solon, and he headed there to once again convince Asume, but to no avail. Seeing Asemu has determined to oppose him, Zeheart left the colony but was ambushed by the Federation Force. Asemu received his new upgrade: the Age-2 Double Bullet, which devastated the Vagan’s force and make them retreat.

– Zeheart later launched an attack at Nortrum – with the real intention to use the colony as a forward base to invade Earth by docking their mobile fortress Downes with it. During the battle, Zeheart left Desil to fight with Asemu – concerned about the newfound potential in Asemu and wanting to get rid of Desil as well. Despite not having any X-Rounder power, Asemu has proven to be an extremely capable natural pilot. However, the battle was cut short as the mobile fortress Downes was severely damaged and began to fall towards Earth. With no other options, Zeheart and Asemu called a truce, and used their mobile suits to advance to the fortress’ core and blow it up, preventing any damage to Earth. After narrowly escaping the explosion, Zeheart and Asemu was caught in Earth’s gravity. He pushed Asemu away and saved him, despite falling towards Earth himself. However, he was saved by Dole – who in turn perished. After the loss, Zeheart entered cold-sleep once again, awaiting his subsequent awakening.

– Years passed, Zeheart was woken up again to lead the Vagan’s war effort against the Federation. He attacked the Asuno’s resident in Olivernotes and engaged in battle with a new Age Gundam – the Gundam Age-3 – against Kio Asuno – Asemu’s son. Zeheart noted the incredible power of the Gundam and retreated before going in too deep.

– Subsequently, Lord Ezelcant ordered an operation to lure out and capture the Gundam Age-3. WIth a new mobile suit – the Ghirarga – Zeheart easily gained the upperhand thanks to the Particle Bits. The Age-3 was forced to retreat, but Zeheart ordered a continuous attack on Flit’s Gundam Age-1, which made Kio came back for his grandpa. As expected, Zeheart was able to capture the Gundam Age-3, along with Kio inside it. Kio was transported to the Vagan homeland, however, he was rescued after some time thanks to the Bisidian Space Pirates.

– Later on, Zeheart returned to Second Moon to confer with Lord Ezelcant. He happened to come across the recording of Ezelcant revealing the true purpose of Project Eden to Kio. He confronted Ezelcant to learn about the actual goal of the Project. While shocked, Zeheart still agreed to take on Ezelcant’s mantle and became the sole master of Project Eden and essentially becoming the leader of all Vagan.

– Zeheart then received a new mobile suit – the first Gundam of Vagan – the Legilis. Struggling to master the new Gundam’s power, Zeheart engaged in battle against the EXA-DB’s guardian – Sid. He was able to unleash the Legilis full power against Sid but was interrupted by Asemu and his comrades. The EXA-DB was subsequently destroyed, but Zeheart was contempt with gaining full control over the Legilis power.

– Zeheart and the Vagan force decided to launch the all-out, final attack against the Federation – bringing along the ultimate fortress La Gramis as well as Second Moon. The battle was extremely brutal and back-and-forth, but after a last-ditch effort to defeat the Gundams failed and Fram was sacrificed in the process, Zeheart lost his composure after losing many of his comrades, and launched in the Gundam Legilis in a fit of rage. He was promptly engaged and defeated by Asemu in his Gundam Age-2. In his last moment, Zeheart recounted his happy memories with the mobile suit club at school and his closed ones. The Legilis soon exploded, taking his life. Zeheart’s grave, along with Fram, was placed on Eden.

II. Skills & Abilities:
– Zeheart is a stoic person, rarely showing his emotion. He has followed the ideal of Lord Ezelcant since he was young, taking up the fight for Vagan’s freedom. He is a calm and calculating combatant and strategist, able to come up with effective strategies in battle. Despite his young age, Zeheart’s experience and skills landed him in various commander positions, eventually becoming Vagan’s supreme leader – taking Ezelcant’s place.

– Zeheart is a powerful pilot, even when not using his X-Rounder power. He has great reflex and his piloting skill is enhanced even more when he unleash his X-Rounder ability, able to overwhelm Asemu, Kio and go toe-to-toe with a grown-up Flit. Thanks to his power, he has enhanced spatial awareness and is able to control numerous Particle Bits. However, he is susceptible to emotional distress during battle, especially against people he knows like Fram, Asemu and Romary. His X-Rounder power is so great that no Vagan MS could keep up with him, forcing him to wear a mask that restrict his power. After receiving the Legilis, he didn’t need the mask anymore due to its extraordinary performance with X-Rounder pilot.

– Zeheart is also a good combatant himself, able to win fist-fights with minimal effort. He was also shown to be a capable spy since he almost stayed undercover for years without any suspicion. While in the mobile suit club, he was a knowledgeable member and helped Asemu built a formidable unit as well as being a pilot for it.

– At his core, he cares deeply about his friends and comrades, especially the Vagans. He remembers every subordinates’ names and their memories. However, when faced with a greater purpose, he doesn’t hesitate to sacrificed his comrades to win the war for the Vagan. He left Desil for death because he was being an obstacle with his arrogance. He ordered Fram to her death to try to take out the Age Gundams – which pained him greatly.

III. Gallery:

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