Mecha Character Profile: Asemu Asuno – Mobile Suit Gundam AGE

In Gundam, genetics actually play a large part in determining your ability as a pilot – moreso if you’re a main character that will surely has some sort of “power-ups”. But that doesn’t apply to Asemu Asuno – the son of an X-Rounder that dominates the battlefield. Asemu struggle and rise to the top as a completely normal human, through sheer determination and skills to achieve the title of “Super Pilot”.

I. Background:
– Asemu Asuno was born in the year 123 Advance Generation – 8 years after the battle of Ambat. Flit has married his childhood friend Emily and gave birth to 2 children: Asemu and Unoa Asuno. Asemu grew up in peace until he became 17 years old when he was handed the AGE device from his father, telling him it is his duty to protect the people he loves. During his final years at school, he was a member of the Mobile Suit club with his friends. It was then that he befriended Zeheart Gallete. During his time as a student, his colony was attacked by the Vagan, which prompted Asemu to fight back using the Age-1 Gundam stored in his family’s shed. Despite being inexperienced, he was part of the mobile suit club so he managed to defeat the Vagan.

– Soon after, he graduated from school. Unbeknownst to him, Zeheart was actually a Vagan spy. After graduation, Zeheart exposed himself by attacking the colony. Asemu and Zeheart clashed and their friend – Romary – witnessed her friends turning from best friends to sworn enemy. Asemu was spared by Zeheart because he actually grew fond of his classmate. However, he warned Asemu to stay away from the battlefield – which backfired since Asemu is even more determined to get to the bottom of this.

– Asemu later on joined the Earth Federation as a Mobile Suit pilot and received proper pilot training under Woolf Enneacle – the legendary White Wolf. His skills improved greatly, as shown when he finally received his Age-2 Gundam from Flit and sortied with it, he shot down two Vagan mobile suits with one precision shot using the Hyper DODS Rifle. However, when he re-encountered Zeheart, he struggled due to Zeheart’s new mobile suit high performance as well as his X-Rounder power. Asemu realized that he needed something like that as well – and that his father – Flit – possessed such power. Despite that, when he took the aptitude test for X-Rounder, he came up short – which means he couldn’t become one. This placed a heavy burden on his heart and caused him to perform badly in battles.

– Captain Woolf saw his uneasiness and decided to take Asemu to Madorna’s workshop, where he was given a combat simulator to fight against virtual opponents: the Age-1 Gundam and the Zeydra. He trained tirelessly to became a better pilot without X-Rounder abilities. However, the Age-2’s weakness soon became apparent: it cannot handle multiple enemies due to armament constraints. That is when the AGE Builder constructed the first Wear part upgrade for the Gundam: the Double Bullet pack.

– With the upgraded Age-2, Asemu showed incredible performance on the battlefield, defeating several Vagan aces at a time. Even when Zeheart revealed his Magician Eight X-Rounder team, Asemu was able to repel them with the Double Bullet with his team. At that time, Desil – who was in stasis – woke up and decided to get revenge on the Gundam that defeated him – which was Flit. He piloted the Khronos into battle and used underhanded tactics to fight Asemu. During a moment of carelessness, Woolf took a hit for Asemu and lost his life in the process. This enraged Asemu as he finally awoken to his abilities as a Super Pilot – a regular human with exceptional skills. He promptly finished Desil’s life once and for all.

– During the Big Ring defense, the Earth Federation was able to repel the Vagan attack, but their real objective was to capture the colony Nortrum. However, that plan also failed and they resorted to a desperation attack – ramming their fortress Downes onto Earth. Both the Federation as well as Zeheart didn’t want to damage their home planet with this kind of attack – so they cooperated for the first time since their school days to destroy the Downes. They both succeeded and it ended with a full Vagan retreat. Flit and Asemu received military promotion for their achievements.

– Asemu then became a captain in the Special Forces as Flit became commander of the Earth Federation Force. He painted his Age-2 Gundam white to pay honor to his mentor – Woolf. he later married Romary and they had a son – Kio Asuno – in A.G 151. However, in the same year, during an investigation mission, Asemu suddenly vanished. He was listed as MIA by the Federation. His son Kio grew up without his father, but his grandpa Flit was always there, training him to become a future Gundam pilot with video games.

II. Skills & Abilities:
– Unlike his father and his son, Asemu isn’t an X-Rounder. All of his piloting skills are learned through rigorous training and battle experience. He has fast reflexes and great endurance to adapt to the Age-2 Strider Mode’s intense speed. However, he can get emotional and insecure. After taking Woolf’s advice – someone he admires and looks up to – Asemu began to focus on honing his own abilities instead of relying on the X-Rounder’s ability. He was able to become the most skilled Gundam pilot in Advance Generation if we count skills alone.

– Asemu favours close-quarter combat, leveraging the Age-2’s high mobility and nimbleness to get close to the enemy and slash them with his light sabers. Even so, he is still able to land accurate beam shots. With the Double Bullet pack, he is able to take on multiple opponents at the same time, using both ranged and melee weapons in conjunction.

– After joining the Space Pirates, Asemu became much more crafty in combat – using tactics that no one expected, such as blinding the opponent or performing a flying kick. His battle instinct with the new Age-2 Dark Hound is much higher, even fighting on par and managing to overwhelm the Fagan’s X-Rounder.

– Despite losing his mentor to the Vagan and being betrayed by his best friend Zeheart, Asemu didn’t go to the extreme length that Flit did due to vengeance. He was able to be objective about the war, and he knew that not all Vagan was responsible for what happened to Flit and others. He is a good leader, as shown when he led the Special Forces and was the Bisidian Pirate’s captain.

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