Mecha Profile: Aquarion Mars – Sousei no Aquarion

As a bonafide reference to the all-time classic Getter Robo, the Aquarion also has 3 forms by interchanging the formation of 3 aircrafts. Besides the punching Solar Aquarion and the shooting Luna, Aquarion’s third form is the elegant knight – Aquarion Mars. The form is primarily used by the noble and skillfull swordsman Sirius de Alisia – brother of Sylvia.

I. History:
  – Aquarion Mars is the third form that can be seen throughout the story, the first pilot was Pierre Vieira who fought alongside Apollo and Silvia during the first fight against the Cherubim Soldiers – Aquarion Mars played a big part for Pierre to overcome his past about losing his first love – Esperanza and able to bring out Mars’s true potential to the fight. 

– The mech is also piloted by Sirius de Alisia – Silvia’s older brother. However, distrust and jealousy built up in Sirius’ heart as Apollo prove that he possessed the Solar Wings. Later on, he defected to ally with the Shadow Angels, Sirius used Mars combined with a Cherubim Soldier to form the Cherubim Mars, which shared similarities with Aquarion Mars, corrupting its original form but when he turned back to ally with DEAVA once more with the help of his friends to overcome his complexity, Aquarion Mars became normal once again and Sirius was able to tap into its true power as well.   

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– Aquarion Mars has a blue and white color-scheme and has an overall balance proportion with slim legs. In Mars form the Vector Sol is located as its wings and Vector Luna as the leg. Mars’s arms also have 2 large shoulders and being the tallest form as its character. Aquarion Mars specializes in sword combat and high speed attacks. Aquarion Mars differentiates from the other two for not being able to manifest or de-manifest its wings as well.  

– Common with the other 2 Vectors, Vector Mars or in Aquarion Mars form also has 2 beam cannons located on its shoulders. 

– Aquarion Mars uses a longsword as its main weapon generating from its hand called “Seikuuken” or Starry Sky Sword which can unleash its powerful special attack called “Fire Saber” where Mars’s chest part generates flame to ignite its sword to perform a powerful attack. 

– The Seikuuken not only ends there but it can be turned into the Trinity Saber as well with the power of both Sirius and Pierre where the sword has a new red tint part and able to perform long range attacks much similar to Mugen punches from Solar Aquarion by stretching the sword to great lengths to attack enemies. 

– Because Aquarion Mars also has up to 3 people that are able to pilot it, there are some of the exclusive moves that are used by each person. Pierre, who specializes in soccer, is able to use the Flaming Kick move from Aquarion Mars by generating flame from its legs to perform a powerful kick or even spawns a fiery ball with the help of Apollo to be able to attack hidden enemies such as the ball went underground to take down one of the enemies. Pierre’s kicks also have many variations such as the continuous kicks that send enemies into Earth’s orbit or a kick that goes through his heartbreaking feeling from his loved one. The Jealous emotions can also drive Mars to perform a strong sword spinning attack called Zelotupia Gladius or the Jealousy Sword. Reika who also got her chance to pilot it has an exclusive powerful punch called Fukou no Dozonko or Bottom of Misfortune where the punch pierces the enemy easily. Last but not least Sirius realized his mistake and was able to unleash his exclusive attack by doing a powerful vertical sword slash move called Shinaga Tanin Ken or Searcher-of-the-true-self Sword.    

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