Mecha Profile: Gundam Age – Gundam AGE-3

As the generational change in Gundam age answers signifies the generation change in universal century, with the Gundam Age-1 representing the rx-78-2 and the Gundam Age-2 representing the Zeta Gundam, the Gundam Age three is a homage to the ZZ Gundam, boasting incredibly high armor and firepower. and it was put into the hands of Kio Asuno – Flit’s grandson.

I. History:
  – After Kio was born, Asemu went missing during a mission, only leaving behind the age device. not long after Flit retired from the military and began developing the Age-3 in secret Oh my single handedly. In the meantime, He also trained his grandson to become an Ms pilot using simulation games.

– In advanced generation 164, Kio was 13 when his home colony was attacked by the Vagan. Flit Instructed Kio to board the Age-3 Gundam to defend the colony. That was the first time the Age-3 Gundam Was deployed. Zeheart was among the attackers and he noticed the Gundam and quickly engage it. even though Kio was well trained since he was young, he still doesn’t have any experience to go up against an ace pilot. Thankfully dear crew of the diva was there to help. Flit Got the Age device to construct an attachment for the Age-3’s Sigmaxiss Rifle, increasing it output significantly. With one shot, Kio manage to drive away the threat. Subsequently, Kio and Flit joined the Diva crew.

– The Gundam age-3 Receive its first Upgrade on the way to Rostroulan. The Diva was attacked by the Phantom 3 in the desert – covert mobile suits that used sand as their cover. The Age Device constructed A new Wear parts for the Age-3: the G-Hopper. Kio, using the Age-3 Fortress and the technique he learned from senior pilot Shanalua, he was able to defeat the enemy with overwhelming firepower.

– During the attack at Rostroulan, Zeheart was in his new mobile suit – a red Wrozzo. However, Kio’s X-Rounder ability allowed him to overpower Zeheart and drove him back. then they were able to disarm the six bombs that was planted in the federation base.

– During the diva’s journey to space, day they were obstructed by the Bisidian Pirates. a mysterious Gundam challenge the Age-3 to a fight. It was the Age-2 dark hound. unbeknownst to Kio, the Gundam Age-2 belonged to his father, and he wanted to test Kio’s resolve. However the fight was interrupted by the Vagan. But Kio managed to destroy a few enemy units before withdrawing. not long after, Zeheart brought along his force to claim the EXA-DB. A new Wear part was constructed for the Age-3, the G-Viper. With this pack equipped, the Age-3 became the Age-3 Orbital.

– Kio Sorted to fight against the enemy force. And Flit Was forced to deployed as well. despite orders to retreat, Kio didn’t. as a result, he was captured by the Vagan. And the Age-3 was heavily damaged and brought to the Vagan’s homeland. After Kio was saved By his father, he Escape with the Age-3 gundam, But soon found out that it couldn’t keep up with Kio’s abilities. the mobile suit was Dan Salvage to develop a new unit: the Gundam Age-FX.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– The Gundam Age-3 Is the largest out of all the Age Gundam, standing at 18.5 meters and weighing 68.4 tons. The Age-3 has a blue and white color scheme with red and yellow highlights. The AGE Device – like other Gundams – is mounted in the middle of the chest. This allow the AGE Device to collect combat data and create new Wear Parts.

– As a tribute to the ZZ Gundam, the Age-3 is a combiner with 2 separate parts: the Core Fighter and the G-Wear. The Core Fighter is a fighter which seats the pilot of the Gundam and form the head and part of the chest, the G-Wear is a flying module that form the main body of the Age-3, which seat one optional pilot. The pilot of the G-Wear will sit behind the pilot seat after they combine. When the Age-3 want to swap its Wear parts, it can do so without the need for an AMEMBO – a support craft that carries the Wear parts like the previous Age Gundams. The Wear parts for the Age-3 can fly on its own and perform a docking with the core Fighter. In the anime, there are 3 G-Wear for the Age-3: G-Cepter, G-Hopper and G-Viper – which form the Age-3 Normal, Fortress and Orbital respectively.

– The Age-3’s standard weapon is the Sigmaxiss Rifle – a large handheld cannon developed by miniaturizing the Diva’s Photon Blaster. Despite being MS sized, the weapon is strong enough to vaporized several Vagan suits with one shot. The Sigmaxiss can also be fitted with an upgrade part called the Blustia Cannon, essentially turning it into a MS-scaled Photon Ring Ray. It is strong enough to take down a battleship with one shot. However, the weapon took a long time to charge, which then overloaded and exploded after one shot and was never perfected later.

– The Age-3 also has 2 close combat beam sabers stored on the forearms. The Gundam can detach the handle to wield them like a sword or deploy the beam straight from the forearm as an arm-mount blade.
Age-3 Normal
Age-3 Fortress
Age-3 Orbital
Age-3 Normal: The basic combination between the Core Fighter and the G-Cepter. This is the base form of Age with an all-rounder focus on mobility, firepower and armor.

Age-3 Fortress: the Age-3’s first G-Wear using the G-Hover to combine with the Core Fighter. This loadout focus on fast grounded combat and extremely high firepower. It was used during the battle on the desert. The heavy protector on the lower legs allow the Age-3 to hover and also protect itself from environment element in the desert or swamp. The shoulder armors are bulky to support two Sigmaxiss Shoulder Cannons. This unit also has 2 additional Sigmaxiss Cannons attached on the arms – totaling four. It can unleash a devastating barrage that can punch through any Vagan armor with ease. However, due to the weight, the Age-3 cannot fly with this Wear part.

Age-3 Orbital: A space-use high-mobility loadout. The Orbital is a combination between the Core Fighter and the G-Viper. The Orbital has high performance main thrusters in addition to extra thruster located throughout the Gundam to allow high maneuverability. The main weapon of the Orbital is the Long Sigmaxiss Cannon – which takes advantage of an X-Rounder ability to predict the enemy’s movement and perform pin-point long-range attacks. A unique ability of the Long Cannon was the ability to curve its beam trajectory, making it extremely precise and difficult to evade.
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