Mecha Character Profile: Yamato Ichidaiji – Megaton Musashi

Mecha as a genre has evolved so much throughout the years. Back then, we would get a lot of loud-yelling and aggressive Super Robot pilots, and now we get more sophisticated, emotional and calculating Real Robot pilots. The Golden Age of Super Robots seems to be a thing of the past, but every year Japan doesn’t fail to remind us of the blazing spirit and indomitable will of human – and in 2021, we have what essentially is the perfect throwback to the 70s and 80s classics Super Robot series: Megaton Musashi. The main character of the series is truly a successor to Ryoma Nagare, Kabuto Kouji, Simon, Domon Kasshu and Guy Shishioh; and his name is Yamato Ichidaiji – a name that’s already badass on its own.

I. Background:
– Yamato Ichidaiji (Japanese name 一大寺 大和) is the main character of Megaton Musashi by Level-5. His name is derived from Yama (big, great 大) and to (Harmony 和), and Ichi (one 一), dai (big, great 大) and ji (temple 寺). He is a teenager in a family of four – his parents and little sister. And he was living happily with his family until the Dractor attack. The massive invasion took the lives of every member of his family except him. Yamato was then brought aboard the Ixia and had his memory altered to forget about his family.

– Yamato was soon chosen to become a Megaton-class Rogue pilot. At first he was both surprised and against the idea of an alien invasion as well as piloting a giant robot. However, after he got his memory restored, his rage made him accept the position with the intent of getting revenge for his family. He was then assigned to the Musashi along with fellow pilot Teru and Ryuugo. After the first few sorties, Teru and Ryuugo both get their own Megaton-class and Yamato pilot the Musashi solo.

– Along the war, he met and befriended the Sidr/Dractor princess Arshem Laia. Arshem’s wish is restore peace between the two species and coexist together without bloodshed. She understands that asking for forgiveness is impossible since Sidr essentially genocided 99,9% of humanity, but she still want to try and help restore the Earth. Touched by Arshem’s pure intention and passion, Yamato slowly changes his feelings about Arshem’s people. Ultimately, he fell in love with Arshem and while unable to fully forgive the Dracter and support the coexist of the two species, he believed Arshem will find a way.

– During the battle with Dixenberg on the Ame no Murakumo, Yamato stayed behind to detonate the Yoshitsune reactor, seemingly losing his life in the explosion. However, it was soon revealed that the Elzed rescued him and saved his life. Later on, Yamato returned to Earth in a spacecraft. It was unclear if the Elzed let him go or he escaped, but he reunited with Arshem and the two got married and lived happily ever after.

II. Skills & Abilities:
– Yamato is a carefree delinquent. He prefers to go at his own pace and usually get in to fights with other delinquents. He’s quick to get aggressive but during critical times, he isn’t blinded by anger. Even though the school regarded him as a delinquent, Yamato has a strong sense of justice and will not stand-by if innocents are in danger. He is even willing to go against Beast-Mode Sidr if the situation calls for it.

– As a fighter, Yamato is strong and acrobatic. He has a peculiar instinct that kicks in if there’s a “beat” around him. He is shown to use music as a rhythm to fight. He’s also quick on his feet and quick and can come up with unique moves that catch his opponent off guard. He also yells a lot.

– As a Rogue pilot, his exceptional fighting instinct transfer over as well, enable him to pull off techniques and combination that at first glance was deemed foolish by his peers and command. But in the end, he always succeeded in making it work and surprise everyone. As time went on, everyone come to trust his instinct and support him in his crazy decisions. He is aggressive but doesn’t overextend and usually listen to retreat orders. But if he sees a chance, he will definitely take it by himself.

– Despite being super hot-headed, aggressive and never hesitates to accept a challenge, Yamato is quite level-headed demonstrated by his quick tactical thinking and overall situation awareness. While he possesses the overall personality of classic hot-blooded Super Robot characters, his intellect and instinct is similar to tactical Real Robot protagonist. In a way, you can see Yamato as a perfect pilot and fist-fighter as well.

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