Mecha Character Profile: Kio Asuno – Mobile Suit Gundam AGE

Mobile suit pilots don’t tend to have offspring – and even if they do, very few became MS pilots. But that isn’t the case for the Asuno family, where Gundam piloting runs strong. After Flit and Asemu become some of the best pilots in Advance Generation, it is time for their successors – Flit’s grandson and Asemu’s son – Kio Asuno- to take over the family business.

I. Background:
– Kio Asuno was born in A.G 151 to Asemu and Romary. In the same year, his father, Asemu, went missing on a mission, so his mother and Grandpa Flit raised him together with the rest of the family. Since a young age, Flit has spoiled Kio with Gundam piloting simulation games to mould him into a perfect Gundam pilot for his vengeance against the Vagan. At the young age of 13, Kio already has the technical skills to pilot a Gundam without even realizing it.

– The Vagan soon launched an attack on his home colony of Olivernotes. And to his dismay, his grandpa Kio revealed the Age-3 Gundam and told Kio to pilot it. Despite being a teenager and his first time in an actual battle, his skills from simulator training kicked in, and he was able to fend off the Vagan’s Danazines. The Vagan commander at the time – Zeheart Galette – noticed the Gundam, recognized the potential threat it posed and quickly engaged it in combat. However, the Diva and its MS forces were able to lend Kio a hand, and with the AGE Builder constructing the Blustia Cannon – an attachment for the Age-3’s Beam Rifle – Kio was able to wipe out a Vagan battleship, effectively stopping the Vagan attack. Afterwards, Kio and Flit joined the Diva crew with the Gundam.

– On the journey with the Diva, Kio became close with a Federation pilot, Shanalua Mullen. She was a skilled pilot and often gave Kio’s advice and encouragement. He admired her as a respectable older sister, but after finding out she was working for the Vagan, he was devastated. Even so, he didn’t want to fight her. Even so, Shanalua sacrificed her life to save Kio from a Vagan attack and told Kio to keep on living. Kio was deeply affected by this incident and started to hate fighting as a whole.

– Afterwards, the Diva encountered the Bisidian space pirates. Kio was attacked by a mysterious black mobile suit, which turned out to be the Gundam Age-2 Dark Hound. Kio was essentially defeated but let go by the pirates. Flit later informed his grandson that it was actually his father, Asemu, who was thought to be MIA piloting the black Gundam. Kio was surprised but ultimately didn’t find out why he left him and his mother.

– Soon after the encounter with the space pirates, the Diva crew received a message from Asemu – who now called himself Captain Ash – about the EXA-DB – a dangerous relic from the last Colony Nation War. The EXA-DB is essentially a database of lost advanced military tech that both the Federation and the Vagan want to get their hands on, and Asemu is working to prevent both sides from acquiring it and ultimately destroy the EXA-DB.

– Shortly after, the Vagan arrived in forces, trying to claim the Exa-DB. Both Kio and Flit sortied in their Gundam, but Zeheart had the X-Transmitter, which allowed him to control special bits. Despite having the new Wear parts, the Age-3 Orbital was no match for the enemy. Kio was ordered to retreat, but he went back to save Flit. As a result, his Gundam was badly damaged, and Kio was captured along with the Age-3.

– The Vagan brought Kio to the Vagan homeland. Kio even met the head of the Vagan – Ezelcant himself. Ezelcant treated him like his own son, wanting Kio to learn about the Vagan and their culture. Here, Kio met and befriended the Anon siblings – Deen and Lu. They are orphans trying to live through one day at a time. Kio grew closer to them and cared deeply about Lu. Soon after, Kio learned about Lu’s terminal illness – the Mars Ray. Kio soon learned about Ezelcant’s intention of creating a safe place for the Vagan to live.

– To get valuable medicine for Lu, Kio allowed Ezelcant to study him and the Age-3 technology. But even so, the medicine can only delay the inevitable. Eventually, Lu passed away, and Kio was filled with grief. He vowed to end the fighting between the two factions and prevent any more loss of life. At the same time, Asemu and Flit planned to rescue Kio, and the Age-2 Dark Hound infiltrated the Vagan homeland and brought Kio back. When they escaped, the two faced off against a Vagan-made Gundam – the Legilis – piloted by Ezelcant himself. During this battle, Ezelcant revealed his true plan: creating an Eden for the superior human race – not just Vagan. This enraged Kio, but due to the difference in mobile suit performance, the Age-3 was seriously damaged. Thanks to the Bisidian Pirate’s trap, Asemu and Kio were able to escape.

– Kio and Flit realized the Age-3 isn’t enough to fight against the Vagan’s new Gundam. So, a new Gundam was developed for him: the Age-FX with a remote funnel weapon. The Age-FX proved superior on the battlefield. But with Kio’s new determination to fight without taking lives, he was often criticized by Flit – who held a deep hatred for Vagan and Seric – captain of the MS team. Even so, with his X-Rounder ability, the Age-FX easily dispatched any Vagan force that went up against him.

– During the battle of La Gramis, the Vagan brought everything they had in order to take back Earth for themselves. Kio took part in the battle but was surprised when he also encountered Deen. It turned out that Deen joined the army after Lu’s passing to realize Ezelcant’s Eden. Kio reluctantly fought Deen but was able to convince Deen to stand down and trust in Kio instead. But then Zanald – a Vagan general – killed Deen, which drove Kio furious, and he unleashed the FX Burst mode on the Age-FX and made short work of Zanald, ultimately leaving him alive.

– The Vagan force then took major damage, and with Zeheart losing against Asemu, they were without a leader. Flit was ready to fire the Plasma Diver Missiles at the Vagan homeland, wiping them all out. But Kio was adamant about stopping him. Kio and Asemu were finally successful in convincing Flit to let go of his hatred and spare the innocent civilians of the Vagan. The only fighting force left was the Vagan Gear, but it was taken over by the Sid – an autonomous mobile armour. At that time, Kio engaged it and defeated the Vagan Gear Sid, even saving its pilot, Zera. The war ended with the Federation’s victory.

– In A.G 201, 37 years after the war, Kio has grown old along with his father. They reminiscent about the past in front of Flit’s statue as a hero.

II. Skills & Abilities:
– Unlike his father, Asemu, Kio is a full-fledged X-Rounder like his grandpa. His X-Rounder ability is the strongest of all generations, able to clash with other X-Rounders and overpower them.

– Kio was trained as a pilot from a young age by his grandpa using a detailed simulation. At 13, he is able to pilot the Gundam much better than anyone his age. Even though he is skilful, his intentions are immature, and he often doesn’t realize that his actions can have serious consequences. He usually got his way until Shanalua pointed it out to him and convinced him to think more before doing something.

– Thanks to his X-Rounder ability, his spatial awareness and reaction speed are exceptional, to the point that the Age-3 isn’t able to keep up with his speed. The Age-FX was developed to be his ultimate machine, and he was able to manipulate the Age-FX’s C-funnels to dominate the battlefield. After his capture at the Vagan homeland, he changed his fighting style to avoid killing the enemy pilot. This limits the options he has and often puts him in inconvenient situations; even so, the Age-FX is so powerful that Kio is able to do this without much problem.

– Kio is an emotional pilot – due to him being extremely young and essentially fatherless during his childhood. His grandpa is a man mired in vengeance, and everyone he got close to, aside from his family, all lost their lives in the war. After learning the truth about the Vagan, Ezelcant’s plan, the Mars Ray and witnessing Lu’s death, Kio has resolved to end the war with the least amount of bloodshed. His skills also grow to allow him to achieve his goal.

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