Mecha Character Profile: Sirius de Alisia – Sousei no Aquarion

Some of the 3 pilot-mech stories always have that one of the three guys that has a cool and ignorant character. Although cool and acts like a high class person at times the character shows support and understands his or her comrades in the heart very well even if mistakes were made. Sirius de Alisia is an example of such a character. 

I. Background:
– Sirius de Alisia is one of the main male protagonists of the story. He came from a noble Alisia family and much like his sister – Silvia de Alisia – the female protagonist, he also believed that he is the reincarnation of the Element Solar Wing’s power user itself – the main male protagonist. He doesn’t get along much with Apollo because knowing that Apollo is the reincarnation of Apollon – the shadow angel’s pet that supports Apollonius in the past he feels jealous and hatred towards him even though they have to work together in the DEAVA organization, Sirius annoys his sister for always being protective at him and tries to sabotage any of his relationships with the girls in the DEAVA such as Reika Kou – Sirius’s team member.  

– Sirius has quite an ego, being confident in his skills and himself, he is not afraid to stop his sister if she crossed the line when adoring him too much, he also despises Apollo and secretly jealous of him being the main pilot of Aquarion and later on he even tries to stop Silvia from helping Apollo, creating more hatred towards Apollo throughout the story until he defected to the Shadow Angels.  

– Much similar to the other main pilots, Sirius is strongly believed himself to be the reincarnation of Solar Wings – Apolllonius’s alias 12,000 years ago but after being jealous towards Apollo and building more hatred he also discovered that he is also half of Celiane’s soul reincarnation but as the dark side instead making him allied with the Shadow Angels at one point. Sirius later realized that allying with Shadow Angels is a mistake and tried to redeem himself by sacrificing himself to replace the Tree of Life to restore the breaking world.

– Sirius also fights alongside Silvia, Apollo and Pierre in Aquarion, he mainly pilots the Vector Mars, the third of the three Vectors making him the pilot of Aquarion Mars when the three are formed as one powerful mech. He wears a deep blue bodysuit with gray wrists.  

II. Skills & Abilities:
– Sirius is a very skilled swordsman with high confidence. He loves his sister – Silvia but it’s only siblings love. Her over-adoration often annoys him too much especially when he talks with other girls in the DEAVA organization, she will always try to sabotage his potential relationships with other girls.  

– Much like other pilots except Apollo who is the newest member of the team. Sirius is already trained and a part of DEAVA ( Division of EArth Vitalization Advancement ) organization as the pilot of Vector Mars along with his flirty team member – Pierre who is the second Vector Mars pilot. He is the main pilot of Vector Mars and skilled in swordsmanship making him an effective pilot when using Mars’s weapon, the Starry Sky Sword.       

– Sirius’s Element is a psychic projection, he can form a shape of arrows or swords from his mind and act as his weapons. He also has a clairvoyance so he is able to scan around his surroundings or an area with his mind.

– Sirius often stays with his sister – Silvia because she would always stick with him wherever he goes. Although confident and noble-looking he secretly hates Apollo because of how Apollo gets the powers and attention he always wanted from being the pilot of Solar Aquarion. He is jealous of Apollo so later on as hatred develops he defected to the Shadow Angels with the guide from Toma – the main antagonist after discovering that he is Celiane’s reincarnation of the dark half of her soul but with the help of his friends and realizing his mistakes at the end. Sirius finally redeemed and sacrificed his life to save the world much like Apollo.     

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