Mecha Profile: Gundam 0079 – MS-06 Zaku II

When we think of iconic robots in mecha anime, we usually think about the main characters’ mechs with cool-looking designs and badass action sequences, but let’s not forget that what makes them iconic is what fought them a lot. And the Zaku of Zeon is one of those mass-produced units that are beloved for its unique designs and great utilization as the enemy of the infamous “White Devil” Gundam.

I. History:

– The Zaku is one of the first-ever combat mobile suits that entered mass production by the Principality of Zeon during the early stages of the brutal One Year War. Thanks to Ghiren Zabi – one of Zeon’s biggest commanders, they were mass-produced and separated as an independent Mobile Assault Force unit from the Space Attack Force. The Zaku series began as early as the Universal Century year of 0074 as Zaku I, then later upgraded into multiple variants throughout its years of frontline duties, especially during the war. 

– The Zakus participated in multiple battlefields as the One Year War progressed. The more famous and improved Zaku II already entered mass production instead by that time, shocking the whole Earth Federation Forces at first glance because, at the time, mobile suits weren’t a thing in combat doctrine yet, causing the whole concept of war to change forever for both sides. The appearance of the Zaku standardized mobile suits as common units in the battle for the Earth Federation, even after the war, created a whole new arc of battle where tanks and aircraft seemed obsolete. The Zaku would live on in the hands of many factions either as captured, rebuilt, repurposed, modified or perhaps scrapped.

– Aside from being mass-produced grunt units, the Zakus are also used by many Zeon aces – such as Char Aznable, Johnny Ridden and Shin Matsunaga. The aces’ units are painted in a different colour than the normal green, and sometimes with unique equipment, too. The Zaku acted as Zeon’s main force for a long time, mostly due to Zeon focusing on one-off prototypes that didn’t actually go into mass production. Even after the One Year War, the Zaku series is still being used by Zeon remnants. Even though they are relics with outdated equipment and performance, they are still the backbone of many armies.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– The Zaku is a 17.5 meter-tall mobile suit with a green-coloured body with two arms and legs resembling a humanoid shape than its round-shaped head where the iconic mono-eye sensor is located. The Zaku is a very flexible mobile suit, it can carry various kinds of weapons from firearms, explosives, melee weapons or even a large cannon and much more depending on its variants and modifications. 

– The Zaku’s speed depends on its variant. Such as the famous Zaku II ( MS-06F Version ). It can go as fast as 88 kilometres per hour thanks to its Minovsky-powered backpack booster. With its sensor of 3.2 kilometres, it is enough for a mass-produced mobile suit to be dangerous. The speed can also be modified, such as Char Aznable’s Zaku II, which was made to be faster than the normal speed by removing its limiters, gaining his nickname as the Red Comet among his mena and the Earth Federation.  

– For standard, the Zaku is armed with either 105 or 120 millimeter machine gun held in its right hand, the machine gun uses drumstick magazines as regular holding 100 rounds. This weapon is enough to shred tanks, small warships, or even lightly armoured mobile suits. It also has other kinds of firearms with different calibres as well. 

– The Zaku’s standard melee weapon is the Heat Hawk – a one-handed tomahawk axe weapon that can be used as a self-defence close-range weapon. It can cut even certain parts of a large warship and break it apart with its extreme temperature.

– The Zaku can also install larger weapons, such as the 280-millimeter Zaku Bazooka, which focuses on firing explosive rounds for anti-ship purposes. It can also be used to fire other targets too, but it is relatively difficult to aim at moving targets. The Zaku can also use various kinds of grenades and launchers as well depending on its needs for specific missions.       

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