Mecha Profile: Aquarion Luna – Sousei no Aquarion

Mechs that are able to change forms and are also combiners are always badass and a designing marvel, especially a famous one such as the Aquarion, many may remember its main form – the Solar Aquarion. But just like the Getter Robo that it referenced, there are situations that call for a different approach. And the Aquarion Luna is one of them. The 2nd form that represents the agility and flexibility of the Super Robot Aquarion.

I. History:
  – During Aquarion’s first fight , the Aquarion Luna is actually the first form to be seen against a Cherubim Soldier. The mech is piloted by Reika Kou – one of the main female character and her two co-pilots which are Glen Anderson and Sirius de Alisia, however while the Aquarion Luna was gaining advantage, Reika is overwhelmed by the spirit powers from the captured people in the Legendary Beast which guarded by the Cherubim Soldier making the Cherubim able to attack them and canceled the combination of the mech, effectively defeated the Aquarion Luna. Then, Apollo appeared and formed the Solar Aquarion, defeating the Cherubim Soldier soon after.   

– Afterwards, the Aquarion Luna is piloted by the either Silvia de Alisia, Reika or Tsugumi (all females) – whom are all members of the organization DEAVA. Aquarion Luna is the second form of Aquarion which uses Vector Luna as the leading part piloted by Silvia de Alisia – the main female protagonist. The Aquarion Luna then became one of the important elements of the team in many fights alongside Aquarion Mars and Solar Aquarion.   

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– Aquarion Luna differentiates from its main form – the Solar Aquarion with its green and white colors and its shape. In Luna form, the Vector Sol is located as the back part and Vector Mars as the leg. Luna’s arms also have 2 long parts attached to its wrists and 2 large forearms characterizing it. Aquarion Luna specializes in ranged attacks using its bow as the weapon.   

– Similar to the other 2 Vectors, Vector Luna or in Aquarion Luna form also has 2 beam cannons located on its forearms. 

– Aquarion Luna can form a bow weapon from its large forearms called Lunatic Archery which can perform variations of special and regular attacks such as the Spiral Arrow which is the main attack move that can extend its power in many ways such as the Moonsault Attack where many Spiral Arrows fell from the sky after it shoots to the Moon, the Lunatic Archery can also do a very long range attack too with an aim assist from another co-pilot. 

– Not only the Lunatic Archery but Aquarion Luna can also shoot disk shaped energy out from its hands as another ranged attack move. 

– Because Aquarion Luna has up to 3 people that are able to pilot it, there are some of the exclusive moves that are used by each person. Silvia de Alisia for example can perform a Long Range Bow attack with Sirius do the aiming and Reika Kou which she can perform a powerful high-speed thunderous kick called Dragon Thunder or Tenkuuken Shouryuu Tenrai in Japanese and last but not least Jun Lee and Tsugumi Rosenmeier – the assisting characters that one – Jun Lee is able to locate the enemy’s weak spot with his ability then Tsugumi do the explosive move up close on that weak spot. The last move however can be performed by both Sol and Mars as well if Jun and Tsugumi pilot them.

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