Mecha Character Profile: Flit Asuno – Mobile Suit Gundam AGE

In a world where “Gundam” is a legend of the past, a boy was entrusted with a blueprint to build that legendary icon right when he lost his mom. Flit Asuno became the first generation Gundam pilot in the Advance Generation and went on to begin a combat history that spanned three generations. None have served as a pilot as long as him.

I. Background:
– Flit Asuno was born in Advance Generation (A.G) 101 on the day when the first human colony, Angel, was attacked by an unknown force called Unknown Enemy (UE). When he was 7 years old, his home colony, Ovan, was assaulted by the UE, and his mom lost her life protecting him. Before her death, she entrusted Flit with the Asuno family’s secret memory unit: the AGE Device. Orphaned from a young age, Flit is determined to inherit his mother’s legacy and build the unit in the Age Device: a Gundam. After the attack, he moved to the colony Nora.

– Flit began to develop the Gundam according to the blueprint in the Age Device. His talent and skills were soon recognized by the Earth Federation. He became the lead engineer in the Gundam development project. However, his peaceful day in Nora soon ended when the UE attacked. He activated the Age-1 Gundam for the first time and fended off the enemy. At this time, he also met and saved a girl his age named Yurin. However, the colony was also destroyed in the following battle. Flit and his friends escaped on the newly completed warship Diva.

– Flit then became a Gundam pilot for the Federation Forces, serving alongside Woolf Enneacle – an ace pilot himself. After many battles, Flit gradually developed a heightened combat instinct, which allowed him to pull off incredible feats in combat. He later learned that his ability is called X-Rounder and that it is a genetic innate ability. This turned Flit and the Age-1 Gundam into the strongest asset in the Federation Force.

– During the battle at the Ambat fortress, Flit re-encountered Yurin – but this time on opposing sides. He found out that Yurin was forced by the UE to pilot the Farsia for them and engaged Flit. However, just when Flit was about to be hit, Yurin moved in to take the strike for him, losing her life in the process. Anguished by her death, Flit was devastated and, in anger, vowed to kill all of the UE – now called Vagans – no matter what it takes. It didn’t shake his resolve even after learning the truth about the Vagans being human.

– Flit continued to climb the ranks in the EF military, even guiding his son Asemu and his grandson Kio into becoming Gundam pilots for the Federation to serve his goal of eliminating the Vagans. Eventually, he became a General who led the war effort against the Vagan. Despite his old age, he still pilots his Age-1 Gundam into battle. Furthermore, his fighting style has become more ruthless, leveraging his X-Rounder abilities to dominate the battlefield. Even so, he still looked out for his son and grandson during battles.

– During the final battle, Flit was close to firing the Plasma Diver Missiles that would utterly destroy the Vagan fortress and everyone on it. Asemu and Kio convinced Flit not to commit mass destruction and set aside his long-held grudge. Reluctantly, Flit accepted and did not fire the Missiles. The war ended with the Vagan’s defeat, and Flit was hailed as a hero.

II. Skills & Abilities:
– Flit was a genius boy when he was young. His family has been mobile suit builders and researchers for generations, so he naturally inherited their intelligence and engineering skills. He developed the Age-1 Gundam using the data from the Age Device with the help of a mechanic team. He also has excellent analysis skills and can predict where the Vagan will attack next despite being 15 years old. When young, he is also relatively stubborn and wants everything to be done perfectly.

– As a pilot, when Flit was just completing the Age-1, he had no combat experience. However, as the developer of the mobile suit, he knows how to operate the suit and uses its weapons. While he struggled with the first encounter and only won due to catching the opponent off-guard with the Gundam’s superior performance, he began to improve his skills while serving with Woolf – a veteran ace. He’s also good at adapting to the Gundam whenever the AGE Builder construct a new Wear Pack for the Gundam with a different fighting style.

– As he grew older, he became more proficient in using the Age-1. When he became a Commander, he had decades of experience in piloting and battlefield analysis. So, whenever he launches in the Age-1, his performance is still impressive despite the Age-1 being a very old mobile suit.

– As an X-Rounder, Flit can utilize a special area in his brain called the “X-Region”. This gives him enhanced spatial awareness and acute precognitive abilities. His piloting skill increases drastically, and he gets a premonition whenever danger approaches. He can react to it beforehand and protect himself and his comrade. This helps him catch the enemy off-guard when he performs moves that no one could see coming.

– Flit is well-versed in mobile suit warfare and battleship combat as a commander and strategist. His aide – Algreus – is also a skilled tactician, and the two of them make a fearsome pair. They can manipulate the battlefield and create opportunities to wipe out as many enemies as possible. Due to his vengeance, Flit usually chooses the plan that deals the most damage to the Vagan forces.

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