Episode Review: Fuuto Tantei ep 8: Drunken Greed

We finally saw Fuuto version of Kamen Rider Accel’s Henshin. And the golden reaction from Tokime when Terui demonstrated what Akiko meant when she wrote “My husband is a bike”. Let’s dive into the episode.

The killing did not stop, and the next victom was actually the one some of us might have thought was the culprit. The revelation of who was the owner of Alcohol Memory was well done. I was surprised how things happened, I mean, 4 people per Memory? That was one clever move to trick us. This reminded me of the Bird Memory episode where multiple teenagers share a single memory. This episode also highlight how greed can warp a person’s worldview to the point of killing another human.

On the other hand, Tokime has now understood that when Akiko wrote “My husband turned into a bike”, she wrote the truth. The cracked voice when Terui told her to ride him and the reaction when she realized Kamen Rider Accel did turn into a bike are priceless. They also served as a fun way to relieve some tension for the next act in the episode.

One of the main stars, aside from the case solving, obviously is Terui turning into Kamen Rider Accel. The scene was bombastic with so much heat, just like Accel himself. Even though some scenes made his armor feel cheap looking, overall Accel’s debut in Fuuto PI was great, even with the bonus Accel Trial. With this and the upcoming revelation of the big bad final boss of this arc, I anticipated the next episode will be a blast, just like the previous has done.

However, we still haven’t got to the actual culprit who orchestrated this whole ordeal. Although you can pretty much guess. However, the appearance of the Masquerade goons surely was a blast from the past. Even though they weren’t very prominent in the main series, seeing them here make us feel like Museum still has some remnant left. Anyway, we will find out soon!

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