Episode Review: Fuuto Tantei ep 7: Mysterious Blizzard

After 6 episodes of integrating the new character Tokime with the main cast, this one returns to our iconic duo Phillip and Shoutarou’s mishap adventure, and their finding mushroom trip turned into a “mystery murder house in a blizzard mountain”, as well as giving the men some fiery hot eye-candy in the midst of a freezing storm.

A sudden blizzard came to Fuuto, and it became a perfect chance to split up our cast. As I said, first half of Fuuto PI has a big chunk about Tokime, so with this the story has a perfect excuse to temporarily leave our lovely girl behind with Akiko and Terui and bring the spotlight back to Shoutarou and the “just-awakened-to-boy-love” Phillip.

On the other hand, the duo while stranded in the blizzard, they encountered a strange woman that led them to a mysterious mansion on the mountain. An uneasy vibe pervades as the story progressed, made the story a more proper “detective” story than the first six episodes. This is pretty much your usual Conan/Kindaichi setup here.

Fuuto PI, after all, is a Kamen Rider show with “detective” theme, so It is great to have arcs that focus more on detective side like this one. Not to mention, the big boss somehow appeared in the mansion as a guest, assuming he won’t reveal himself as Aurora Dopant right to the front, this part gave me anticipation how will our duo solve this cases while the “boss” watching from a distance.

The Dopant appeared on this episode, Alcohol Dopant, is actually quite an interesting concept. Its defense and attack power are quite a menacing threat, which did not easily solve with an anticipated HEAT memory usage. Talking about HEAT, man, they sure compensate what the live action lacked: a bit of interaction between each form with the surrounding environment.

There are such moments like that, but not permanent in the live action. Like when W changed form with HEAT, the snow on his suit melted because of the high temperature HEAT released, and the Joker half has the snow stay without melting – which is a very nice attention to details. 

As the story is progressing in a continuous way, I would like to temporarily end this review here and continue reviewing after the released of the next episode (which probably will be broadcasted before this review come out lol). 

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